RECENT kinky kingdom stories

diving into pussy

Tickling the Clit

Breathe, Touch, Cum   I could see the soft points of my nipples through the...

pleasuring my pussy

Cliterally the Best Me Time

Flick the Clit   In a world that often shies away from discussing the art o...

naughty not nice

Not Nice, Just Naughty

Daddy’s Forbidden Fuck     In fact growing up he resented me loo...

slutty daddy's girl

On The Surface Sweet and Slutty Underneath

Where Sweetness and Temptation Meet   The Daddy Dom Little Girl kink (DDLG)...

I Own Bitches

It’s My Way or Fuck You!

My Power, Authority, and Control.   When I give you a command, I expect you...

embrace the chains

Total Surrender-The Art of Total Power Exchange

Unveiling Dominance and Mastering Submission   I have a weakness for submis...

Bi and Proud

Two Cocks and A Cunt

Dive In! Because More is Always Better!   The guy thrust rhythmically. Not ...

Fuck My Man

My Bi Sissy Boy

My Boyfriend Really Craves Cock   Perhaps it was the discovery of a bottle ...

Hot Cuckold Adventure

Cuckold Obsession

Black Stud and White Wife     It was to be a surprise and I had no ide...

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