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The Daddy Dom Little Girl kink (DDLG) is one close to my heart and I enjoy it regularly in the bedroom with my man. Here are my thoughts on this often controversial aspect of BDSM. As a slutty Daddy’s girl I’ve finished reading and reviewing the latest erotic book in my collection (The Diary of a Submissive, by Sophie Morgan) and it occurs to me that I am really, really not submissive.

Slutty Daddy’s Girl – Princess of Seduction

This is not going to be a shock to most of you. I enjoy bondage in the bedroom. Bondage in many forms, restraints of leather cuffs, or the art of shibari. This slutty daddy’s girl enjoys him ‘making’ me suck his cock, talking filthy to me, name-calling, scratching, biting, and hair-pulling.

But I do think this isn’t really me submitting, as much as enjoying the pleasurable, physical sensations. Getting what I want and need, at the same time that he is, is not really a power exchange as much as us fulfilling one another’s wants and desires and lusts and depraved kinks.

Through the years I have wondered if I was a switch. Able to swing from dominant to submissive as the roles fit the partner, or as I chose. I don’t think this is the case now.

I need to be in control of how I am tied up, bound, teased, held, and ‘forced’ to play a part. Just a novel addition to the scene in which we role-play different settings. Age play plus many more.

Flirtatious, Playful, and Always Naughty-Slutty Daddy’s Girl

This ties in with my need to be cared for. To feel the affection that has been lacking in previous relationships. To push, rally, rage and storm against a partner and be held tight anyway. Knowing they are there regardless of my slutty daddy’s girl behavior. Daddy always said I own bitches.  Whether that be bratty or a temper-flaring bitch.

To know I am always taken care of, to have someone to hammer my fists against their chest, Scarlett O’Hara style then dissolve into tears when I need it. I think that is the attraction of kitten play along with age play. It focuses more on taking care of me and my needs, rather than a denial of them. That sounds awfully selfish. I suppose it is.

To me, the slutty daddy’s girl play is not disgusting. It is not awful or some sign of our inner immorality or a desire to do anything truly vile. I am a grown woman. With all the physical and mental accoutrements that means all the mental and emotional baggage as well.

Unleashing the Daddy’s Girl Fantasy

But to revert to even playing as a child, to have someone with whom to let go of fears. While being at the same time completely irrational but loved so unconditionally by a role made for the purpose. That is attractive in itself.

The addition of being the brat. Attempting to manipulate ‘Daddy’, be the little girl that’s the apple of his eye. The darling that he does anything for and hopelessly devoted to yet when needed he will use a firm, immovable and unshakeable will to say, ‘No’.

In a tone that means no argument, to place a hand bigger and stronger than mine over mine. Letting me know that he is in charge and control of his slutty daddy’s girl . That I don’t have to worry. That I don’t have the make the decision. There is the lure, the seduction in that.

It perhaps helps that I have never really used the term ‘Daddy’ in any other way than sexual for kinky pleasure. My own father is an emotional blank and I don’t feel and have never felt like the apple of his eye. Like he saw me as anything particularly special. 

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