My Boyfriend Really Craves Cock


Perhaps it was the discovery of a bottle of poppers on the bedside table. Or it might have been that his friend was just so fucking horny that night. The stars aligned for passionate boy-on-boy action. It almost doesn’t sound believable now, I guess even to me as I delve into my mental vault to pull out another hot memory to share. But it wasn’t a dream; I really did watch a man fuck my boyfriend. And I fucking enjoyed it.

Horny Cum Rag: Fuck My Boyfriend

I shouldn’t have been surprised at the escalation in their friendship really; after all my boyfriend had already sucked his cock. The required sex health checks to fuck my boyfriend had been considered and very recently completed— all good. Although my man isn’t the submissive type, he’s very bisexual. So am I with consent, permission, and the right circumstances we can find ourselves in some very interesting situations.

All you need to know about the other guy is that he’s a filthy bitch who is about to fuck my boyfriend. Cocky, in all ways.

It’s always difficult to pinpoint exactly how these things start. My memory jumps from a chilled evening amongst friends to my boyfriend moaning in ecstasy as his friend’s cock plowed his ass deeply and beautifully. Well, I say ecstasy there was more than a hint of pain in there as is often the case with anal sex. Not enough to completely stop the action. Only enough to remind him that he’s being thoroughly violated in the dirtiest of ways.

Fuck My Boyfriend: Sissy Bitch Boy

A range of scenes, feelings, facial expressions, and noises go through my mind when I recall that night the night I watched a man fuck my boyfriend up the ass. He got on all fours, fingers lubing up his ass entrance, and I watched someone other than me give my boyfriend such intimate attention.

Fingers slipping in and out of his hole and that squealing. Finger-fucking gave birth to his first moans and groans of pleasure. Seeing him physically relax into the moment and give his body over for this man to fuck. His face full of bliss, eyes closed and god knows what going through his mind other than “fuck me now.”

I Watched His Asshole Stretch

His friend decided my boyfriend was ready enough. I watched, entranced, holding my breath as he expertly took his cock one-handed to fuck my boyfriend. His other lubed hand rested on my man’s buttock. Holding him ready for mounting like some dick sleeve he was about to ejaculate his pent-up need into.

Soon, the tip of his enormous and impressively hard cock exposed the foreskin pulled back from the shiny head. After his quick preparatory tug, both hands held onto my boyfriend’s sides. Of course, my man remained in position on all fours, undoubtedly bracing himself for the invasion. His friend’s hands pulled his cheeks apart to fuck my boyfriend. Slightly letting him position his cock tip right on that puckered lube-coated entrance.

Come back next week for the slutty conclusion.

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