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It was to be a surprise and I had no idea things like this is something couples do however after the first time it’s something we get off on all the time now. We also love it and Surprisingly its still hot and also sexy as fuck. A new beginning with a hot cuckold adventure.

Away all week I leave first thing for the long journey home. Shall I call her or should I surprise her? My decision to surprise her was the right one and what a shocking surprise I got.

Hot Cuckold Adventure-Submit To Her Stud

Ignoring the van parked on the road I pull up outside. Turning the key I enter the house to silence, strange I thought. Putting down my bag I hear something, something I never thought I’d hear.

It was my wife. She sounds desperate and excited as she screamed out. “Yes that’s it, go on fuck me!”

I’m stuck frozen staring up the staircase. As I listen to their sexy moaning it continued and now the bed rocks. “Hell fuck yes” she screams before I know it I’m quickly walking up the stairs. As I’m listening to my wife being driven wild by another man’s cock and it started to arouse me.

She Craves BBC-Hot Cuckold Adventure

First came a rush of anger but I took each step to the beat of his body banging into my wife giving her his cock and making her moan in ecstasy. With every meaningful blow turned anger into a lustful desire to watch a hot cuckold adventure.

At the top of the stairs I’m standing frozen again. Cock raging hard as I watch this young stud drilling my hot wife and she’s fucking loving it. The door is  open and I all I see is her fine fat ass getting clapped and her toes curling as he pounds her cunt to a hard continuous beat.

He turns and the smirk across his face humiliates me. It was like he was saying “I’m fucking your wife buddy and what you gonna do about it” the answer to that was nothing. Honestly I was enjoying it also I was so fucking turned on by it all that I was loving our hot cuckold adventure.

Surrendering My Wife’s Cunt

He continues to feast on my wife, delivering blow after blow into her pussy making that ass ripple. My eyes bulge and my cock throbs. as I watch this stud his impressive cock satisfying the woman I love however it was no bigger than mine. Also if anything mine was much thicker but I didn’t care all I knew was  her filthy screams and his relentless punishment of her pussy was making me horny as fuck.

“Shit it’s so fucking deep in me give it to me harder” she pleads.

He turns again smirking as he makes that sexy big ass of hers ripple. “I’m going to fuck the life out of your slut wife and you’re just gonna watch” he was so spot on.

She screams then roars in such a sexy way “Yes, Yes Oooh fuck I’m going to cum!”. He sped up his pace panting so hard slapping his hands down hard on her hips and also grunts as she squeals. Part two next week.

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