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The guy thrust rhythmically. Not a fast, deep, sudden ramming. Just a gentle nudge to get the tip of his cock inside my man. I heard my boyfriend cry out for the first (but definitely not the last) time that night. A strangled, conflicted cry combining all the pain, horror, and “oh-my-god stop” with all the sweet delight, satisfaction and “for fuck’s sake, don’t stop.” The filthy bitch just smiled. He was bi and proud. The wicked smile of a man who knows he has his prey right where he wants him, and he’s going to squeeze out & enjoy every ounce of perverted pleasure.

Three’s Company: Bi and Proud

He pushed some more. As I watched this man fuck my boyfriend, I saw my man’s hands. The flash of skin as his nails clawed into the pillow, which he also used to muffle his second piteous and clit-tingling cry. His body betrayed him.

Moans escaped his lips; louder then, as he couldn’t help but throw his head back as the slow-but-certain ass fucking continued. His fingers curled in a death grip around the pillow, his back arched. Audibly ragged breaths were drawn between moans and he pushed his ass back onto that invading cock.

It was like I was fucking him myself. I could almost feel him bearing back down on every inch of my non-existent erect cock. I wasn’t worried it would halt the action. I’d have plunged my fingers deep inside my sopping cunt to soothe the urgently aching need.

Eventually, the ass fucking became smoother. Less of the painful, incremental movements and more fluid in-and-out sex. The grip on the pillow loosened and my boyfriend’s eyes flickered open at times, only to squeeze tightly closed again on the increasingly deeper in-stroke.

Where Pleasure Meets Play-Bi and Proud

I could just about see, through all the bodies and action, his incredibly stiff cock bouncing underneath him. The sensitive tip stroked against the duvet beneath while his ass was fucked harder and harder, just adding to his growing need. Unable to resist anymore, one of his hands moved down. He was obviously intent on jerking himself, bi and proud while he enjoyed the ass fucking.

His filthy friend was having none of it. He leaned in closer, making his cock invade my boyfriend’s ass to the deepest extent yet while reaching around to slap his hand out of the way. Instead, he took hold of my man’s previously neglected cock and started to pump him. His fingers slid up and down that pre-cum lubed shaft in the same rhythm as his cock was penetrating his ass.

Bi and Proud-Two’s Company, but Three’s a Fantasy

All of this seemed to take both moments and an age. I remember their faces, contorted with the pleasure and the exhibitionism and the sheer filthy satisfaction of it all. I remember the heat pouring off them both, and my joy in seeing real guys together like this, gritty, imperfect, not the oiled bronze muscles of gay porn.

My cunt needs to be touched, filled, used and fucked. Just as I was watching his ass get used and fucked. My clit and nipples screaming at me for attention too. Throat caught in the excitement of being present, watching, sharing, bi and proud.

Then the climax: his friend was unable to stave off his need anymore. Tossing his head back and squeezing his own eyes closed, he growled some unintelligible utterance as he shot his hot load into my boyfriend’s ass. His hand left my man’s cock for that moment, both hands gripping my boyfriend’s ass to steady himself as he surged forward into the orgasm.

Finally, the room fell silent except for the heavily-drawn breaths of all three of us. In time, they both regained some composure. His friend was still in his climax stance even though his cock was no doubt in post-orgasm wilt and sliding from position.

Bitch boy or not, he reached round to toss my boyfriend off without even asking. Wet spot? It was more like a pool. And so were my panties. We are bi and proud. 

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