His amateur cuckold dreams came to life..

Amateur cuckold play makes for a fun little sex tape. You get to witness every little detail of it from the slow realization of what they’re doing to the complete, guilt-free indulgence. I recently got to see my boyfriend’s world get completely turned upside down. He’d always hinted at wanting to try a threesome, but I didn’t realize how much. Originally, I thought he just wanted me to bring in another girl to play with. After a while, I got a chance to snoop through the favorited porn videos on his phone. He’d had an entirely secret app for it, but he left it open one day when he left the room. All the evidence was right there for the taking. Every single one involved a black guy getting to fuck a cheating girlfriend.

Fuck it, game on.

If he wanted me to bring in another guy so badly, I’d do it. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to bring in one of my ex-fuck buddies and let him have a go. Taylor, the unsuspecting boyfriend, really didn’t know what was going on when I invited Marcus over. The two had a drink and just sat around bullshitting for a while until I made the first move. Without a second of hesitation, I climbed up onto Marcus’s lap, leaving a little kiss on his neck. My hands wandered down his chest, and his hands pulled my clothes off hungrily. No questions, no looking around, and certainly no confusion other than Taylor’s. We knew exactly what we were doing, and all my poor boyfriend could do was stare in awe. His cuckold fantasy was finally getting a chance to come to life.

In less than five minutes, I was completely naked and sitting on top of a large, throbbing black cock. He was lusting for me, twitching, and wanting to slide it inside me so badly.. And poor Taylor was sitting off to the side, hard as a rock, and frozen. He was taking every detail in, not knowing whether to keep staring or finally play with himself. However, I sure didn’t waste any time.. 😉

Come play with me.

Kali Taboo Phone Sex