The rules of being a Latina cuckold size queen..

A latina cuckold size queen has a very simple rule.. No small dicks allowed. You should really know this by now if you fall into that category. Girls who love to tease and fuck will never pay attention to anyone under seven inches. Let’s face it.. the “and a half” that you add to your cock size won’t do you any justice or even the playing field even a little. Girls like me demand bigger cocks, and you’re not even up for a participation trophy. What kind of amateur cuckold are you if you don’t know the basic rules of being the cucked sub? If it’s really up to me to teach you, then I’m going to break out the ruler and get a little mean.

So sit down, and shut up.

If you’ve ever been cucked before, you already know what gets you off.. You love watching your girl get fucked by someone else, and it has to be rough and hard. You may have an affinity for watching your Latina cuckold queen take a big black cock, or maybe the race doesn’t even matter. Whatever you’re into, you simply have to learn that once you let her run off with whoever she wants, you’re no longer the boss. She’s the boss. She’ll take every ounce of control you have out of the situation. All you’re supposed to do is sit there and play with your little dick, while you watch her get taken by a real man.

Unless you’re one of the luckier ones with a queen who wants you to participate, you should mind your place. But if she wants you to play.. then all bets are off. That big cock that’s fucking her? Wait it out and you might get a chance to lick the sweet, salty cum that’s dripping from her pussy. You might even get a chance to suck on those juicy balls, and if you’re any good at it, maybe even make him cum harder. I guess it’s just a matter of how dirty you’re willing to get. Think you have the balls to slide your tongue into that bull’s ass? The better you make him feel, the more he’ll cum into that luscious Latina ass that you’ve been fawning over.

Come play with me.

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