A cuckold fantasy keeps his cock going..

Cuckold fantasy ideas come like fucking orgasms do, to me – natural, quick, and fucking juicy. I love playing with my little boy toy’s fantasies. It almost always involves me taking control of him and making him submit, beg, or do a million naughty little things to win my favor.. But the most fun part of all is when I really get to make him submit to a fantasy he wasn’t too sure about. For example, there are always so many videos of him watching white girls and Latinas get fucked by big black cocks on his phone.. So, you know what? I employed some old fuckbuddies from college, and I made his dreams come true.

He didn’t know that he was the first white guy I’d actually been with.

So when I was playing around with him and tied him up.. the last thing he expected was a group of three black guys to walk in right then and there. I’d left the door downstairs unlocked – I completely trusted these guys. He was shocked out of his mind to see then barge in like that, like they owned the house. But in all reality, now they fucking did. I was their toy to play with and fuck right in front of him. I let them place me right on top, almost like I was going to ride him, and then one of them started fucking me from behind. We swapped around positions so much that night..

At one point, I was laying over my little boy toy as if he’d be getting a 69, but I was getting fucked from behind AND getting to suck a cock. There was so much big black cock in all directions that I don’t think he knew where to stare.

Come play with me. 

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