I am just an amateur college girl but I love showing off!  

One day, when I was a college sophomore – really just one of those amateur college girls, I was laying out in the quad.  I was in my bikini trying to get a little bit of a tan. The cheerleading tryouts were the next week and I had practiced for months.  I wanted everything to be perfect!

A guy came by and asked if I wanted to be in a film about college girls partying.  Omg of course I did! So he gave me a card with an address and told me to be there Friday night.  I thought it was going to be one of those “Girls Gone Wild” kind of things and I was so excited to take my top off on camera.  I love showing off my nice big titties. And they would pay me for it too! I wondered how many other college girls would be there.  

When I got there, there weren’t any other girls there at all.  But there were about ten guys, including the one from the quad!  He explained that they were making a porn film called Amateur College Girls Big Titties Gang Bang and they thought I would be perfect for the role.  

It only took me about a second to say yes!  So I got undressed and spent the next six hours getting my pussy fucked, my ass pounded and my mouth filled with cock.  And the cameraman made sure to get lots of shots of my big titties bouncing as all of the guys fucked my holes.

I can’t believe they’re paying me for this!

The movie ends with all ten guys in a circle around me, stroking themselves and cumming all at once on my face and my tits and everywhere!  Finally, I got to be in a bukkake scene!

If you’re wondering, I did not make it to cheerleading tryouts.  But it’s okay because my titties are way too big for cheerleading.  Now I’m doing phone sex porn which is way more fun!

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