I was a good little bride and did whatever my husband told me to do

I wasn’t always such a slutty wife or an amateur cuckold.  There was a time when I was a good little bride and did whatever my husband told me to do.  He has a pretty small dick but he still wanted me to suck it at least once a week, so I did.  He wasn’t very concerned about my pleasure or making me cum but I thought that I didn’t mind.

But that changed one day when I came home early and heard my husband on the phone.  He didn’t know I was home and I listened. He had called a sex hotline and was having phone sex with someone!  And to make it worse, he was making sure that whichever one of those phone sex girls he was talking to had had a good orgasm.  

Well, I don’t have to tell you, I was furious!  I stormed right in as he was getting off the phone and told him that I heard him, that I didn’t want to talk about it, that I was going out and I didn’t know what time I would be home.


The guy had a cock so big that you could see the outline on the outside of his pants.

My girlfriends and I all met at the hottest new club in town to drown my sorrows in expensive drinks and sexy as hell men.  One guy there paid me a lot of attention and we spent a lot of time talking and dancing and drinking. He was a big muscular guy and he had a cock so big that you could see the outline on the outside of his pants.

When I finally stumbled home later that night, my husband was still up and wanted to know where I’d been.  Because I was so angry, I told him all about the guy at the club. To my surprise, he wasn’t mad at all and he asked me a lot of questions about him.  And I noticed that his little dick was standing at attention in his pants.

That night we had the best sex we’ve ever had and he made sure that I was satisfied and happy.  I told him more about the guy in the bar and we even fantasized together about me fucking him. This made my husband rock hard again.


I called and made him a proposition – I wanted to be his amateur cuckold

The next day I called the guy and made him a proposition.  He would be our “bull” and I would be his slutty amateur cuckold fuck buddy.  

At first my husband just wanted to hear about me fucking him but eventually, he started watching us, stroking his little dick while our bull pounded my pussy and my ass with his huge cock.  Then he started eating my pussy after that huge cock pumped a huge load of cum into it. Next, I had him clean up all of the cum, no matter where it was. In my pussy, on the bed, on our bull’s still hard cock – wherever.  And the more we humiliated my husband, the better a partner he became.

So that is how I became an amateur cuckold slutty wife and we’ve never regretted it for a minute!  Oh, and now I have a job as a phone sex operator which turns my husband on even more.

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