My new life – Day 1

As long as I can remember,  I’ve wanted to live the life that I know from sex slave stories.  I’ve wanted nothing more than to serve a Master and anyone else he wished for me to please.  I met my Owner online and we got to know each other for several months. But I knew very quickly that I wanted him to own me – and to be his property and live my life solely for the pleasure and use of others.

He made it very clear what I was getting into.  And I was so eager to submit to him, to suffer for him and to serve him. And for me, none of it would be a game. I fully consented to surrender myself to be an owned object and to only serve others. I serve my owner in his foot fetish, his stocking fetish, and so many other things.


Sex slave storiesMy old life was over and my new life right out of the sex slave stories was beginning

On the day I moved in with my Owner, he told me that my old life was over and my new life in the dungeon was beginning.   He took away my name and only refers to me as “it” He also took away my clothes and I have been completely naked ever since except for my many restraints and my collar. And I have never left the dungeon or even been unshackled since then.  In my free time, I provide fetish phone sex to anyone for whom my owner directs me.

After he stripped all evidence of my old life from me, he locked me into and completely immobilized me in a horrific custom-made torture device that had me contorted in a position that was far more painful than I could ever have imagined.   My Master was somehow able to ignore my sobbing, and begging for the rest of the day and left me there until morning. This was designed to break my spirit, which it did – completely and irreversibly. My life was no longer a fantasy from the sex slave stories – it was my reality.


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