The terror and sexual arousal of being a sex slave is one of the most euphoric feelings you can have

Today I daydreamed about being kidnapped and raped. I don’t care what anybody says or thinks, all girls fantasize about being a captive sex slave. It’s just in our nature. And all guys secretly want to know how it feels to overpower a woman and force her into to being his cum slut. For me, I feel so sensual and sexy when I finally submit to the will of another person who is undoubtedly a ruthless sadist. The intense pleasure of having my life and well being in the hands of a reckless sex addict makes my pussy pulsate and drip just thinking about it.

And then there’s the fear.  That exhilarating combination of terror and sexual arousal is one of the most euphoric feelings you can have.  You get such an intense rush of adrenaline when a sexual sadist has you at his mercy.  And he has you completely under his power. It quickly becomes addictive!  All of your senses are activated when you actually fear for your life.  You know that at any moment your captor could brutally punish you, causing more pain than you can imagine, or even worse.

Of course, then there’s the next level…

It’s one thing for such a vicious man to take me against my will, abuse me and treat me like a real life cum bucket, but its an entirely different story when he adds drugs to the equation. Needles filled with hypnotic fluids, magical white powders, intoxicating fumes…all working together to ensure the perfect sex slave experience. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the rush of being kidnapped and held against my will. Fucked and treated like the true slut that I am. I blogged about it a while back. I love reading it while I masturbate and plunge my 12″ dildo deep inside of my wet cunt.

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