Your first taste of dick was so good wasn’t it?

You just got finished with a hard workout.  You are in the locker room about to shower.  You are on the bench drinking some water and catching your breath for a min and in from the showers walks a guy you have seen around the gym but never really talked to.  He is tall and cut and there is something about him that intrigues you.  He has a towel wrapped around his waist.  He goes to his locker and he takes his towel off to dry his hair and OMG his dick is so thick and long.  Your mouth waters and your cock twitches.  Everything in you wants to go drop to your knees in front of him and taste it, suck it…gag on it!  You can’t.  You run out of the locker room, out of the gym and to your car.  You don’t know what the fuck is going on but you are so turned on and all you can think about is sucking him off.  You call me in a panic.  I calm you down and tell you it will be OK.  I want to meet you at the gym tomorrow and I will make everything better.


I sneak into the men’s locker room and hide in a shower.   You follow him in as he is getting ready to shower.  He sees me and is shocked, surprised and now obviously turned on.  I work my magic of seduction and tell him what I am going to make you do and that he is going to let you.  My dominatrix comes out and you both do as I say.  I make you get down on your knees and grab you by the hair and shove his dick in your mouth and down your throat.  I’m not genital.  It’s rough and raw.  I keep going until he pumps his hot, thick load down your throat.  I make you milk every drop out, sucking till he is begging for me to let you stop.  Your first taste of dick was so good wasn’t it?

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