Most girls don’t grow up thinking they want to be a young cheating bride. A lot of girls know when they’re in high school exactly who they’re going to marry. Some of them only date one guy and decide that’s the one for them. (I personally think that’s hilarious and short-sighted but not the point I’m trying to make here!) Those who know they want to settle down right away after school will miss out on some serious dicking down. And a lot of girls don’t mind. Jamie challenged me to complete one final single girl mission before she married. She wanted to fuck as many guys as she could in the three days leading up to her wedding. And she wanted me to facilitate the whole thing. That’s what maids of honor are for I suppose!

The Bachelorette Party

A male stripper at Jamie’s bachelorette party seemed like an easy target, but she insisted as MUCH dick as she could handle. A giant BBC danced for us and kept everyone occupied. After a while, I sneaked them both to the kitchen. It was messy as fuck because he slapped her ass right onto the bridal cupcakes we’d made. But he used that big black cock to fuck that soon-to-be young cheating bride so well, she was howling over the music in the next room!

The Catering

The night before the wedding, we were all at the hotel having drinks down at the bar. She noticed one of the caterers finishing last-minute set up in the ballroom. Jamie pointed him out. I approached him and said, “I know this might seem strange, but my friend is getting married tomorrow. Do you want to fuck her?” He said it wasn’t THAT strange, and it actually happened a lot: “It’s how I got into catering in the first place.”

I invited him up to our hotel room and he brought a small sample of lemon cake with him. He plowed her from behind on the bed and I watched perfectly content to watch with my feet up as I ate his cake. The buttercream tasted simply divine, especially when he smeared it over my tits and they both licked me clean.

Young Cheating Bride

On the day of the wedding, I still wasn’t satisfied that she had enough cock. I tracked down the best man who was the sluttiest guy in the bridal party. Approaching him in his tuxedo, I asked, “I know this might seem strange, but my best friend is getting married today. Would you fuck her?” He said it wasn’t THAT strange, and it actually happened a lot: “It’s why I got into being the best man in the first place.”

I helped lift up her massive dress and shoved both of them into a side room together. I whistled “Party Rock” loudly, trying to cover his grunting and her shrieks of pleasure. She begged him to cum deep inside her pussy: “Yes, yes, YES! Emelio!! Cum in me!”

It was hard to cover THAT up with my whistling, so I shuffled back and forth in my flats, snapping my fingers, and sang as loud as I could, “Oh Danny Boy! The pipes! The pipes are callin’!!”

She married an unsuspecting Chad about an hour after that. And I earned my extra slice of cake.

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