Living in Minnesota means we don’t get to experience a very seasonal climate all year round. So when it warms up, we try to take advantage of all the warm days we can. That’s certainly true of me. If it’s summer and sunny, then I’m at the pool usually in a cute bikini. I was wearing my newest bikini (even tinier than my others) and that’s when it happened. Last summer I became a BBC sex doll and loved every second of it!

BBC Hungry

My best friend’s sister, Lauren, was really into dating guys with BBC. New boyfriend? Black guy. Dating a friend of a friend? Also a black guy. She wouldn’t even acknowledge a guy on the street if he wasn’t black. She knew what she liked – she was positively BBC hungry!

It was no surprise when she’d have us over to swim that one or two of her BBC friends would also be poolside. She’d flirt and tease and it made me so jealous! She disappeared into the deep end with them, or go inside for an inordinate amount of time. It was incredible how much cock she was getting. I knew I had to get her advice because I wanted – no, I needed to be fucked hard and regularly by BBC like she was.

Finally, one day I cracked. She had just come back outside and I could tell she was full of cum – it made me so wet and I was soooo happy I was in the pool so no one could tell.  I asked her how she gets to fuck so many tall black men with BBCs. She explained how she’d become a BBC sex doll. The rest took care of itself!

I wondered what it took to become a BBC sex doll, so she let me tag along at one of their pool parties.

The BBC Sex Doll Setup

Altogether, there were 8 of us: two of us girls and the rest were large black men who I’d never met before. She’d met them through friends of friends so she felt comfortable having them over to party with us.

We started beside the pool, having drinks and soaking up the sun. Soon it became time to move into the water though. That was made evident by one of the men approaching me and saying I had a sweet, young little body. He wondered if my white girl tits floated in the water. I said there was only one way to find out!

As soon as I got into the pool, other black men joined us pretty quickly. They surrounded me in the shallow water and didn’t bother to take turns feeling me. Their big hands felt all over my soft skin. One slid his thick fingers into my bikini bottoms to feel my pussy. Two more groped my tits and pulled out their dicks, stroking their BBCs in pain view of my friend.

BBC Sex Doll

They pulled my bikini off to get at my naked body. Each took turns running their dicks through my hands, pressing into my ass or rubbing up against me. Lauren asked if I was ready to be their BBC sex doll. I didn’t have any say in the matter, really.

All of those big black bulls with their throbbing cocks wanted their chance to fuck me and who was I to say ‘no’? They were all so much bigger than me anyway, it’s not like I could fight them off even if I wanted to!

Moving me back to the pool stairs, one had me sit in his lap and ride him while another shoved his BBC down my throat. Yet another put his dick in my hand and had me jerk him off. It went on and on like that; I was their BBC sex doll after all. They kept me mostly quiet, except for the moans and whimpers.

I took their pounding and all of those loads of thick BBC sex doll cum in every single one of my holes until I was throbbing. My legs hurt and my holes were left gaping. I had gagged so much, my throat hurt.

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