If you’ve read any of my other entries, then you know I was a cheerleader when I was younger. Subsequently, I happened to date some of the offensive linemen after the football season came to an end. One particular winter, I dated a running back who was about as quick in bed as he was on the field! It frustrated me to no end, and instead of fighting about it, he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. He was going to see his teen girlfriend punished.

One and Done?

Seriously. Since I can remember, I’ve always been a multi-orgasmic kind of girl. I’m usually not satisfied until I’ve had at least three toe-curling experiences in a row. For this footballer though – he’d finish just the once, leave me hanging – and be ready to move on with the rest of our evening. Honestly, it made me wonder if he was with another girl. Was he cheating on me? I began doubting that I knew even what I was doing in bed. Maybe I wasn’t attractive to him. Feeling like a teen girlfriend punished, my thoughts raced but I just couldn’t figure it out.

At Least The Shower Works

Self-doubt turned to silence so I think that’s why he started throwing money at the situation. I am a princess and love being spoiled, but that wasn’t going to fix it. At least it didn’t seem that way at first.

He showed up at my house with sparkly diamond earrings. They were very pretty absolutely but didn’t exactly make my pussy wet. The next week he booked us a suite downtown, but he mostly just wanted to “chill”. Mr. Showerhead gave my desperate cunt more action than my boyfriend. I wish he’d have walked in on me: legs spread, back arched, massaging my soft, supple tits, water cascading down my body. He’d be shocked how his teen girlfriend punished her clit with the pulsing water jets to cum just because he wouldn’t touch her.

But… he never came in. He slept. And I was horny, lonely and pissed.

Coming to a Rolling Boil

Rolling up in his daddy’s Lexus, we easily slipped through the long line at the nearly impossible to get into restaurant. Holding my hand until we got to the table felt like too little too late; I stayed silent save for ordering from the menu sans prices. Despite my sighs, he continued to talk about his dreams of college football and someday going pro.

“You’re so quick. You’ll be fine.”

Shots Fired

That moment was the first that he paused and really looked at me. Taken aback, I looked away, but that only made his gaze more intense. I could feel my cheeks going red as I folded and refolded the napkin on my legs anxiously.

“Look at me.” His command was serious. The tone was dark and not something I was sure I’d heard from him before. My heartbeat quickened.

I did as he instructed, looking up at him through my eyelashes, still not completely understanding what he was doing. “What?”

“I don’t remember asking you to speak,” he growled deep. I felt my clit pulse like a heartbeat in my panties. “Now,” he continued, “you’ve been rude to me all night, all weekend actually. I’m doing my fucking best to make you happy and you’ve been acting like nothing but a spoiled brat for weeks now. If I didn’t love you so fucking much, I’d take you over my knee and spank this attitude of yours right out of you.”

I could have jumped over the table right then and climbed him like a tree. “That’s all I’ve fucking wanted!”

He frowned, confused for a moment and then the moment of clarity struck. “Take off your panties.”

I glanced around and opened my mouth to protest but seeing his serious gaze, I slipped my hands under the table and under my skirt. He arched an eyebrow when I magically delivered a pair of panties, slightly slick in the center, into his open palm.

“Don’t you need to go to the bathroom? You have sixty seconds to be ready.”

Teen Girlfriend Punished

Ready?! I looked at myself in the mirror and ran my fingers through my hair. The slick scent of my sex already filled the bathroom. My pupils were blown and I was panting as I leaned over the sink and lifted my skirt up over my ass.

I barely had time to grip onto the edge of the sink before he came in and locked the door. He purred, smoothing his hand over the round curve of my ass, “Look at you all presented for me like a bitch in heat.”

“Fuck me, please,” I whined, trying desperately to lift up onto my toes even more.

He only chuckled and shook his head, slipping his long fingers along my slit to my soaked core. Leaning forward over me, he wrapped his forearm around my hip and circled my clit with his other hand. The sensation was almost more than I could stand, both of his hands working my soaked pussy. My knees buckled and thighs trembled when the spring in my cunt gave way.

“Oh, no you don’t,” he smirked, catching my hips so I wouldn’t crumple on the floor when I came. I was still trembling when the zipper on his pants came down and I felt him nudge to my sensitive opening. He pushed his cock into me all at once and I cried out like a slut.  He pounded into me so hard that my teen girlfriend punished pussy came on him twice more before he let up!

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