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His fingers gripped tighter on her hips to keep Jazz from moving her pussy off his tongue as she orgasmed again. He loved to feel her cum dripping on his face as he sucked her clit. And the feel of the mouth sucking his cock felt so good, even if it was Sam’s, a man’s mouth. When he went to the local bar he never dreamed of having an xnxx sex stories sexual experience! But then he never was one to miss an opportunity for a sexual adventure. He is my Lord of Lust after all.

David arrived at the bar looking for some music and some fun. As he approached the door he saw a slender but nicely curved woman leaving with a man about his height. Her dark hair flowed around her bare shoulders. A thin single chain glinted around her neck with a matching one around her waist.  Damn that short skirt looked painted on, in hooker heels that put her about eye level with him. David’s cock became swollen slightly at the sight of her nipples standing erect. There was nothing remarkable about the guy but David was respectful nodded to the guy as he was about to pass them he heard.

“It’s ok Jazz we will try to find somewhere else to look,” The guy said.

“Sam!!! Where else, I need to get fucked soon and no one wants to play with me”! Jazz was looking at Sam, fussing about not finding any sexual playmates at the bar. Not paying attention she stumbled into David. David, of course, helped hold her upright till she had her balance. But instead of pulling away she leaned into him. David’s cock jerked to full mast as she pressed tight against his body.

“Oh I am so sorry’” Sam said as Jazz slid one hand around David’s back.

“LOL, I’m NOT”!!! Jazz laughed as her other hand slid down stroking his cock through his pants.

“All good”. David said slightly bemused though enjoying the moment.

Grinning Jazz told David “It could be great if you want to come to our hotel with us, it’s just next door”. David looked up at Sam and Sam nodded saying.

“Anything she wants I want… I love to watch her cum on another man”.  David did not hesitate. He had been in MFM before and let his cock do the thinking.

Their room was just a short distance but every step was an erotic journey. Jazz had slid her hand down his pants and rubbed her body against his constantly. Sam walked a little faster and had the door open. The door was not even closed before Jazz was stripped down. She ordered Sam to get David’s shoes off as she unbuttoned his shirt. David reached into his own belt and pants stepping out of his shoes and away from the kneeling Sam.

Jazz pulled David to the bed as she told him. No condoms needed as she had had a hysterectomy and was clean as long as he was clean that is. At the edge of the bed, he assured her he was safe as she rubbed his cheek. He had not shaved and was slightly scruffy. David looked over to see Sam naked in the chair on the other side of the bed. David was shocked when he saw the size of Sam erect penis. It was not even 3inches and more narrow than his thumb. “Poor guy, this truly is Sissy Cuckold,” David thought. Then took Jazz in his arms for a full body nude embrace…

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