Weed and wine sure do make a boring, bland day mighty fine!

Weed makes everything better, right? Throw a nice bottle of wine into the mix and suddenly the mood has shifted. I always get very horny when I smoke pot. Wine does it for me as well, so when I combine the two I get very turned on. Good thing my boyfriend came over today and brought his delicious cock along with him!
This morning was a little on the stressful side, with lots of errands to run and bills to pay. It’s a good thing I had weed to calm me down after all that running around. Like I said earlier, pot makes me wet in the pussy. It’s like a switch has been turned on inside of me and my sexual desires just immediately blossom.

When I said this was a love story, I hope it was clear I meant the love I have for smoking pot, drinking wine and adoring cocks. Perhaps it’s not as romantic as it sounded, but it sure is sweet!

My sexy boyfriend has an excellent cock for sucking. After two or three glasses of wine and a joint, I love to just lay next to him and suck his cock while we watch television or listen to music. I get lost in licking and kissing, sucking and stroking. I could do it all day if he would let me!

Just love the mellow relaxed feeling that comes from a good marijuana and wine buzz. I don’t mean getting completely trashed, just buzzed enough to feel it in my limbs.

That tingly warmth tht spreads from my chest, down my arms and legs and up my back. I love that.

My boyfriends cock is nice and thick. I love to climb on top of him and stretch my pussy down his length. Riding him with the fluidity that comes with having a little bit to drink. Since the pot and the wine have me so fucking horny, it never takes me long to get myself off hard when I’m on top.

A-ll in all my day turned out to be a great day after all. Thanks to weed, wine and a nice fat cock.

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