USA Sex Guide ??? OH yeah this could be fun

USA Sex Guide could be the naughtiest kinkiest work of literature ever created.  The best phone sex is with operators {whispers “Like ME”} who strive towards professional excellence. LOL, I mean what could make life easier than a guide to sex, sexual acts and accounts in the USA to learn from. Whether you are a sheltered virgin or a PRO~vert… You’re sure to learn something, LOL or at least get turned on LOL.

Professional excellence includes the use of technology. You could learn the joys of cell phone sex, NOT sexting. But hot phone sex on the cell. Like maybe you work in an active place of business. Coworkers and bosses all the time around, even in the bathroom. LOL oh, I just love when I have a client set up a call then sneak to the bathroom with his cell… LOL, and then I do all the talking, see how intense I can get his orgasm. See if I can tell him such a detailed description that he feels every tiny touch from my voice. OK, it is nice when they lock the office door or stay after everyone is gone. But when they cum in the middle of the workday, surrounded business… LOL, oh such deliciously naughty professional excellence is what I am thinking of.

What sexual adventures have YOU had in the workplace? What kind of work? Service blue collar? White collar? Write me an email and tell me in lots of yummy details. Best stories I get I will publish here in KinkyKingdom as a blog. You can do it completely anonymously. Let’s start a USA Sex Guide bet ours is better than the Kama Sutra.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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