Real sex stories are a way for me to brag

About things that are I cannot normally talk about let alone give all the kinky juicy details about. That is just one reason I have such a kinky sex hotline. Because all the sexual adventures I have experienced in my life and I am more than willing to share my real sex stories with you.

The reason phone sex operators are such a kinky sexy good time is not that what we have done. It is because of what we are willing to talk to you about, our real sex stories. Phone sex kingdom is the wildest phone sex line is because we accept everyone as they are. No matter how taboo or restricted the rest of the world thinks your desires are. Our available ladies will help you celebrate your kinky desires.

Of course, we each have our own special kinks we love better than the rest, but honey. I’m the ultimate girlfriend experience. A 36-year-old charming southern MILF at her sexual peak.

I am a Pansexual. That means that nothing about the body turns me off. I love all human body no matter the shape, size, gender, sexual proclivities it is the person inside that turns me on.

I am Polysexual. LOL, that means for me I love threesomes. My absolute favorite is with a man and lady. LOL, as a matter of fact, one of my favorite flavors/tricks is to pull a man’s cock out of a pussy and suck a woman’s cum from a man’s cock.

I am a Kitten which is a type of submissive that is into mild BDMS but can switch and dominate you. If that is what it takes to please you, what it takes to serve your pleasure.

So I have many sexual adventures combining all the different aspects of my sexuality.

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