Best sex stories are kinky true tales, or of stories of planned future escapades in forbidden desires.

I am one phone sex operator who has a bit of a southern accent. I am still live here in Arkansas where I was born and raised. The best sex stories are with me. I live out my desires, no matter how forbidden the yearning is. I satisfy every taboo craving I have. That is why my sex stories are the best. My stories are all kinky true life sexual encounters or forbidden desires that I plan on undergoing soon. It is why I like taboo phone sex. I am always curious to {maybe} hear about your desires and possibly, about a new type of sexual adventure.

I love telling you the stories because come on. When can you actually brag about your sexual escapades and fantasies and not get a negative reputation? Especially if they are on what normal society considers taboo or forbidden. You can tell me your stories, or I can tell you mine; in every exquisite detail, including the details like, what my body feels or experiences.

It is ALWAYS hot phone sex every time when you call me. It starts when you hear my sweet sultry voice. Then when you realize that we can talk about anything you desire.  I do LOVE to hear about the best sex stories you have done, as well as what explorations that you want to try. And, it does not matter to me if you want to hear true life stories of my sexual adventures; as a young girl, as part of a threesome, as a MILF, as a submissive kitten, as a sex slave, or as an owner. To be honest, though… ummmm tales most consider forbidden have a unique inspirational quality that intrigues me, especially when it is true like mine are.

Like I said the best sex stories are with me,

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