Detailed sex stories are always so arousing

Detailed sex stories are always so arousing, a phonesex client sent me this one… My favorite phone sex operator Dawn wakes up in her bed to warm kisses on her neck, as his rough hands rub her back, fingers run up & down her spine.

Then kisses placed up & down her neck, to her cheek, to lick her nipples, making them hard; as hands run over her hips, gripping her ass hard, hands grip her ass as her lips are kissed & bit lightly. As hands grip the back of her neck as they French kissed deeper. She feels a hard cock throbbing as it touches her hot dripping pussy, “mmmm” she moans waiting for him to slide inside her. Her hot juicy box needs to be fucked. His cock then starts to enter her as he moans, “mmm”. He kisses Dawn as he holds her down in the missionary position. So he can see that hard cock covered in her hot pussy juice. He strokes deep inside her tight pussy. He grips her nipples with her legs on his shoulders, making Dawn take every inch of his cock.

Dawn is a dirty one {that’s why calls with her are always such hot phone sex}.

She wants to be filled up with hot cum from his depth. She wants him and needs to be pumped full. To be fucked until he empties his entire hot load of cum in her. “mmmm fuck yes!!!!”

He strokes in, stretching that tiny pussy, feeling it pulse, pulling out to lean down to kiss Dawn. Then she feels those rough hands down her sides. He kisses and licks his way down her body, his tongue licks and swirls around those amazing nipples.

He ties her lightly with some rope.

Then his tongue fucks her. He licks her hot pussy making her cum over and over and over. And, she can’t hide or resist cumming as he eats her forcing her to cum. Yes, he loves to taste her in his mouth. They kiss again so she can taste herself to “mmmm baby”

Keeping her tied up, bending her over, dogging style position, he strokes his shaft deep in her pussy. As, his hand spanks her ass, smacks that turn her hot ass hotter, as he strokes in and out of her wet tight pussy. She feels his cock stretch her pussy walls as his cock probed her depths. Long deep strokes until he feels his balls tighten up as his cock starts to jump.  He pulls her hair burying his cock deep in her cunt as he starts shooting hot jets of cum into her tight wet pussy. “mmm yes” He unties her pulling her on top of him, snuggling. He holds her tight and keeps kissing and licking her lips. He looks in her eyes…  “Good Morning Honey” XOXOXOX 😘😊

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