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I am a MILF and have a huge family. I come from a typical southern religious family. With over half a dozen younger siblings, so I have loads of experience with kids. Which made me a great babysitter. As a result, I have A lot of babysitter sex stories spanning most of my life. At least 24 years from my own life.

Plus between my college girls stories from where we swapped stories… LOL oh, the naughtiness I can tell you about. I even have stories from my step sister. I’ll let you guess who it was that became a sexual servant and to a mom at 14.  I can tell you all about a boy being turned into a panty boy when he begged to be accepted as a slave. There are so many babysitter sex stories.

What are your desires. Just how kinky can we get together. We can discuss the possibilities that entrance YOUR mind. I would love to see if you can come up with a scenario that I have not heard or experienced in my life. LOL, I adore my life. My job at PhoneSexKingdom dot com is like a constant reunion with my past. LOL, When I am not reliving my past I am learning about new kinky naughtiness to indulge myself in. How to train and mold, to use and abuse to turn into my perfect sexual partner, to satisfy my mood of the moment. Heck just read my juicy Bi Cuckold true story blog if you really want to see how I am changing.

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