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David and I had gone out to one of our favorite bars. We were high on life and the music and liquor was perfect. LOL as always we were aware of the ladies hoping for a lady to bring home. His straight friend Sharon came in and she gave off the vibe of a woman scorned. She was a beautiful cougar on the prowl. I wanted to make sure she was alright so I bought her around and we got to talking. She told me she found out her husband admitted to a one night stand. LOL naughty minx that I am I knew just what to do, Bi Cuckold.

Over the next 2 hours, David and I plied her with attention and physical caresses.  I suggested that the only justice was if she had a one night stand and cuckold him. She did not want justice. She wanted revenge. I was all for it and KNEW just what to do. So I suggested she come home with David and me. After another round, she decided to come home with us because an FMF threesome had always been her husband’s dream.

Bi Cuckold  ~We were more than happy to fuck her.

Once back at my apartment Sharon and David started kissing. I asked simply should we take this to the bedroom. Sharon stopped kissing David and locked eyes with me. After a moment she took David’s hand and told me to lead the way. I opened the door to my bedroom and without hesitation, she walked in. Not stopping until they stood next to the bed.

I joined them. David pulled me close and kissed me. I could feel Sharon move against us and I pulled back to see her tight against David nuzzling his neck. I stepped out of the embrace. I winked at David and I watched as he got her shirt unbuttoned. I helped it slid down her arms. He undid her skirt and I helped slid it down her hips. I undid her bra and he pulled it from her shoulders so he could suckle her nipples. Sharon surprised me when SHE threw it away.

I guess it had been a while since Sharon had sex or even an orgasm. Because Sharon was unfastening David’s clothes fast, I walked behind David helping his clothes from his body. David slid his hands under Sharon’s panties pulling her to him while gripping her ass cheeks. I hooked my thumbs into her waistband pulling them down. I laughed when I realized they both still had their shoes on. They had looked at me when I laughed so I pushed them on the bed and knelt to grab their shoes as quick as I could. Thank GOD’s they were slip-ons. They chuckled. I was the only one dressed but they changed that quickly. Working together my dress and bra as well as my own shoes disappeared from my body.

Bi Cuckold  ~Our nude bodies skimmed each other’s

As we climbed on the bed together with our bodies entwined. It was almost wrestling the way we were all kissing, fondling, caressing, and licking each other. I could not tell you whose hands went where. We withered all our limbs knotted trying to gain position we craved. As wonderful as that was soon it was not enough. David grabbed my hair pulling me back into thought. I immediately pulled out of the tangle. Poor Sharon was still dazed as David focused solely on her. His hand was lightly messaging her pussy lips as he kissed her nipples teasingly. I watched as Sharon changed positions desperate for a firmer touch. She pulled David onto her breast and thrust her hips repeatedly.

I could see she was very happy with David so I slid down till I was in a position to take David’s cock in my mouth. And I did but only for a few minutes. Sharon was moaning as she orgasmed on David’s fingers. He kept up the rhythm bringing her to another orgasm. As she came the second time he pushed me off his cock and slid down her body. He dove straight in eating her cum from her pussy lips. He rolled over pulling her hips with him till he was flat on his back and she was riding his face. I watched mesmerized as I fondled his balls. I went back to sucking his cock but watching as Sharon came again and again. I think it was after her 4th orgasm of the night that she struggled off his face begging for a break.

David grabbed my face and kissed me as he pulled me up towards him. I was so aroused that the moment he pulled my body against his I came.

Bi Cuckold  ~He got behind me and slammed his cock deep in my pussy.

Instantly I went into subspace. I have no idea how long he fucked me nor how many times I orgasmed. I came out of subspace deliciously hurting snuggled in David’s arms. His fingers were stroking my back. My first sight was seeing Sharon licking my cum from David’s lower stomach and thighs. His cock still hard and standing proud as a jade sculpture. I watched as Sharon climbed on his cock and rode him.

I observed this exquisite moment as aftershock/ mini orgasms hit me. Looking up into David’s face flushed with passion. I could see how close to his own ecstasy he was. I told Sharon not to stop and started rubbing her clit as I started kissing David. He tried to say stop that he did not want to cum yet. But with my body still having minor orgasms from the loving masterful pounding he had given my pussy. And with Sharon racing towards another orgasm we did not.

Bi Cuckold  ~Sharon’s pussy spasms as she came stole David’s control

He shot his huge load of cum deep, grinding into her pussy as her pussy milked every drop. She collapsed on top of both of us with David’s cock still lodged in her. We snuggled and kissed trying to calm down… David’s cock had other ideas…

LOL but that is a lot of other stories NONE are about revenge Bi Cuckold LOL… But I have videos of those too LOL… Sharon took a few loads of cum with her when she went home to her husband. From what I understand she got him drunk and had him eat it all out the next day. LOL and now she has Lesbian Fantasy to be with me… LOL, I won’t make her wait long.

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