Lesbian Fantasy

I have had this Lesbian fantasy about my co-worker, Kelsey since I started working at the phone sex hotline shop. Kelsey’s body is nothing but heaven itself. Her lips…so full and pink… Her eyes… as hazel as the trees below the sky.  Her smile as contagious as the sweet taste of strawberries off the vine. Her body smooth and luscious as silk itself.  She is as close as my next breath and yet as far as Paris is from here. I dream of her, I think of her while working my papers, I can smell her perfume from miles away… and yet we have only passed each other through the halls. Tingles that go through me like electricity through a pole when she speaks. Her voice is as soft and mysterious as a new sunrise.

 I am to the line of desperation

…as I imagine her beneath me rocking my hips back and forth, as I lay in my bed at night pleasuring myself.  I can almost taste the wetness of her body as I moan into an orgasm. I lay there above the sheets in aww for a woman who is so far away and yet I imagine her as if she is curled behind me under the stars.  Unfortunately, I do not think Kelsey is into lesbian sex like me. I often dream of her body and mine intertwining. I want to kiss her pink full lips and make my way down how luscious neck.

As my tongue swirls

…against her earlobe and down the side of her chest making my way to her stomach. I kiss around her belly button and then down against her pelvic bone. She would wear soft purple lacy boy shorts. I would slide her underwear off down her legs with my teeth making sure I smelled her sweet lusty scent. I would make my way up her body by sensually kissing up her leg one at a time making sure I nibbled in between her thighs.

Her thighs would be juicy and sweet.

Her moans would be loud enough to make myself get wet. She would then take her fingers and wrap them through my auburn hair and pull my face into her wet, tingling cunt. My tongue would make its way around her labia swirling like I was tasting icing. She would taste sweeter than candy its self.  My arms would be surrounding her hips pulling her towards me every time she squirmed away.

I would take my fingers…

Have them enter so slightly till I could feel her spot and hear her moan louder. Then I would move my fingers in and out faster and faster each time. I would not let her come until she made a mess of my fingers. I would continue to eat her luscious clit flicking my tongue up and down. While eating her I would continue to finger her until the point she would cum into my mouth making my body soaked from her juices…

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