After getting teased into oblivion, my sexy little sub edged me into total surrender.

After playing with me over my panties, she moved back over the parts of my skin that met with the lining of my panties. Each time she lightly touched me over my panties and then withdrew, I wanted to growl at her with total surrender. But I wanted to savor it oh so sweet. I wanted to snatch her hand and force it between my legs. I wanted to feel whatever she thought of doing to me next. Drawing in a long breath, I waited patiently for what came next. She pressed down in circles above my clit.

Slowly, I felt my panties growing wet. Then, she moved her hand lover and pressed it to the wet spot, driving me wild.  She made a coy little face at my reaction. It made her look just like prey to me. Then, I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her.  She slid her hand into my panties and rubbed circles above my clit again. Each time, inching closer and closer to the actual bud of my clit. Then, she slid my panties off slowly. “May I take these off?” She asked. I lifted my hips in total surrender. She slowly kissed her way down my abdomen.

Each lip press, deliberate and lingering.

Driving me insane. My mind became more and more motivated by impulse. I wanted to grab her. To take her and possess her. Then, sink my teeth into her.  Pretty soon, my total surrender would lead to exactly that. Her light little silky lips pressed their way past my ribcage and then past my navel. Then, she kissed over the mound of my pussy and buried her nose between my lips and my thigs. Finally, I felt her inhale deeply all up the part of my groin that produces the strongest scent. She stared right at my wet pussy.

Finally, she could see how wet she made me, and it further motivated her to tease me more. She wanted me to snatch her up. She wanted my total surrender. Her wispy hair tickled its way down my front as she drew oh so close. As she planted more kisses around my pussy, I laced my fingers in her hair. She ran her lips and cheeks up to my smooth thighs. Then, she followed this with her fingertips. I ached. I felt a deep animalistic desire rise up, and I wrestled it for control.

Then, I touched her face softly.

She took her thumb and pressed it right above my clit. Then, she moved it in light circles. Her eyebrows furrowed as she moved it consistently. She would not increase speed or pressure.  I wanted to make her.  Then, ever so slowly, she increased speed. Finally, she started increasing pressure as well. I grew close, and she backed off, kissing a very flustered me. Her cheeks blushed, driving me crazier. Looking up at me with a coy glare in her eyes, she asked, “May I slide my fingers inside of you?” She was so cute I could die. I felt my total surrender take over.

Those red cheeks. I told her yes. Then, she rubbed my clit with one hand, and with the other hand, she slowly worked her two fingers inside of me. With long, slow strokes, she slid her fingers in me and out, not all the way, but almost, and back in. Everything achingly slow and deliberate. Why rush? Why not feel the total surrender? As she felt me growing gushingly wet, she pulled her fingers out. I felt my heart pound. My need grew, and my desire grew. Then, she got up and brought back the vibrator wand. “May I use this on you?” She asked.

I told her she might.

She set it at the lowest setting and placed it on the hood above my clit. I felt my clit twitch. Finally, she wiggled it lightly and began slowly inching her fingers inside of me as she did before.  I tried to hold it back. One look at her mischievous little focused face, and I felt myself slip into total surrender. She must have felt or seen this. Finally, she turned the vibrator full-on, and she inched it down until it brushed the top of my clit. Then she increased her speed just a tad without breaking the lengthy thrusting patterns. Losing it, I grabbed her by the hair and shoved her face into my pussy as I came all over her fingers.

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total surrender