After edging and torturing my sweet little subject for half a day, I was in for some sweet reciprocation.

I had put her through the softest torture, and now she wanted to earn my pleasure with sweet reciprocation. She placed her hand on my collarbone and kissed me, purring like a little pet. So docile and so so eager to please. She straddled me as I sat up. Her shoulders softened as she leaned her neck down to brush her lips against mine. Soft as petals, I felt the pressure of her mouth increase lightly over mine.  Felt her moving her mouth over mine. Her wispy brown hair tickled my face, neck, and chest.

She looked down at me with pouty green eyes that held a hint of mischief. I moved to kiss her and caught her mouth once again. She brushed her lips up to my neck. Her warm breath was so light, it felt like a feather. She nestled in me and squeezed me.  Then she kissed slowly along my collarbone.  “May I take this off?” she said, grabbing ahold of my tank top and looking hopefully at me. I lifted my arms and drew real close to her face. I said yes, and she nervously raised my top over my head.

She stared down at me.

I watched her look at me. Her fingers trailed down my chest. “May I touch?” She asked, beginning her sweet reciprocation. I nodded.  She cupped one of my tits and just stared at the nipple. Then, she circled the bud with her delicate little thumb. She drew close to my face and kissed me so slowly as she drew my nipple out slightly with her two fingers and pressed her thumb lightly over the tip of the bud. She moved her hand to the other and repeated this ritual on the other tit. Then, she drew so close I felt her breath on my lips, but not her lips.

The sweet, sweet ache. And she pressed that thumb down over the sensitive tip of my nipple. Lightly brushing it back and forth over it.  Then,  she placed both hands over my tits and felt them. Passing her palms over my nipples and feeling their weight in her hands. Her face hovered still less than an inch from mine. I felt my pussy grow hot between my legs. I ached for more sweet reciprocation. She kissed down my chest and all around my tits. Then, she opened her mouth over my nipple and lightly dragged her teeth on my nipple.

She did the same to the other side.

Afterward, she pressed her palms to my nipples, and I felt the warm temperature change of her hand soothe them. My pussy throbbed. I moved her so that she sat beneath me. She lightly traced her fingers over my parted thighs while looking up at me with the same naughty look. I kissed her harder and deeper now.  I felt the light tips of her fingers explore up the leg holes of my shorts. Such a sweet reciprocation. “May I take these off?” She asked. I moved and closed my legs so she could slide my shorts off.

I straddled her again. Then, I looked her dead in the eyes, and she began tracing the tips of her fingers where my groin met the leg opening of my panties. I felt my clit throb. Blood rushed down, and I felt heat creep up my pussy and then travel up the rest of my body. She kissed my collarbone and my chest some more while she touched me achingly light as close as possible to my pussy but not on it. Finally, Her hand hovered over it. “May I touch. ” She said.  I told her to touch it. I needed the sweet reciprocation.

She pressed her fingers immediately between my legs, flat over my pussy.

Then, back and forth, ever so lightly, she traced her fingers over the whole length of my pussy. Giving my clit an extra bump of attention as she passed over it each time.  Then, she slowly began pressing down above my clit and wiggling her hand around. I couldn’t help but gasp. My panties grew moist. Her sweet reciprocation was going to drive me crazy. She drew it out just as I did.

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sweet reciprocation