As I kissed up and down her soft thighs, I knew that this was a meaningful sensual experience.

I kissed her collarbone and nibbled her collarbone while lightly tracing my fingers in between her thighs. I could feel her thighs clench and squeeze as my fingertips passed over them, between them, and behind them. A meaningful sensual experience must be appreciated slowly. Gratitude is expressed at every turn. How soft and creamy her thighs were. How tight her skin was and how tight her legs were. Her skin felt like cream up against my soft lips. Each time I lightly sunk my teeth into her skin, she gasped so sexily. Her breathing hitched as my fingertips explored closer and closer to her panties.

I kissed her as my fingers traced along the lining of her panties. Right where her skin met the fabric. It was warm right in that spot. Now and then, I would pass my fingers ever so lightly right up the middle of her panties and paid no heed to her desperation each time I did.  I wanted this to be a meaningful sensual experience for her too, so I kept looking into her eyes. Leveling her while I lightly brushed my fingers over her groin. Then I tucked two fingers under the waistband of her panties and just traced the waistband of her panties side to side.

Driving her crazy.

More kissing. Then I dipped my fingers low enough to tease and play with her. Not really doing anything. Just letting the tips of my fingers brush her. I kissed her and gave her a grab right between the thighs, nice and firmly. This meaningful sexual experience does take a turn for the kinky. I slowly moved my hand up and checked for her carotid. I found her pulse and began to squeeze lightly on that spot while looking her in the eyes. Then, I kissed her while I squeezed some more.  I moved my hand back to her crotch and dipped my fingers into her panties once more.

Teasing her once more. She squirmed around to press into my hand. So desperate, she began grinding into my hand. The meaningful sensual experience was not over yet. I took my hand away and instructed her to flip over. Then, I climbed on top of her and smelled her flowery hair before pressing her face to the bed. I grabbed a fistful of her silky hair and tugged it upward. Then I nibbled and kissed all up and down the back of her neck and shoulders. I bent her over the edge of the bed and squeezed her ass. I felt all the way up and down the backs of her thighs and ass.

So smooth.

The perfect tight curves of her backside. I slid her panties to the floor. Tracing my fingers between her cheeks lightly to give her a little scare. Then, I gave her ass a few love taps and dragged my fingernails lightly up and down her ass and thighs. I instructed her to lay there without moving while I harnessed the strap on. I harnessed up and covered her in coconut oil to top off our meaningful sensual experience.  Slowly, I slid inside of her. Now, this was a rather large strap-on. Almost two inches wide, it filled her up for sure. It was eight inches in length.

I took my sweet, sweet time sliding into her. Making sure that every inch was worked in three minutes at a time. Making sure she felt it. Finally, once she was all nice and worked open, I began to pump. Oh, so slowly. I turned the vibration on.  Finally, I gripped her hips with force as I watched the vibrator sink in and out of her. I felt her curvy little hips beneath my hands, and I pulled her on and off of my strapon. She was so close to cumming already, I could tell. I watched goosebumps creep up her entire body, and I pulled her arms behind her back.

I held them there for more leverage in fucking her. Finally, she came all over my strapon while I fucked her into the edge bed.

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meaningful sensual experience