After removing her bra, I really started appreciating every part of the female form presented in front of me.

Girls and the female form are something special. Something to behold. Now, I am rather dominant, so I like to lead this game. But, I like both worshiping and being worshipped. I enjoy worshipping in the form of edgeplay and sensual domination. I like her hanging on a thread. This is not always how one must have sex, but it is rather fulfilling, building such a deep connection. I felt the tiny little hairs raise on her back as I ran my fingertips ever so lightly over the indentation that the bra created. Her skin felt like velvet and butter at the same time. I dragged my lips over the front of her shoulder, just feeling those soft goosebumps on her female form pressing to my lips.

Not even kissing her, just experiencing her sensation. I tugged each strap of the bra slowly and lightly down each of her shoulders. Then, over her elbows and arms. Then, she reached down the front of her shirt, and I grabbed the front of the bra, nice and slow, right in between the cups. I lifted and shimmied the bra up until it slid out of the opening of her neck. I laid there and admired her female form. The way her nipples perked up and pressed to the tight texture of her top. Her tits’ roundness and how they fell to the side slightly when she laid on her side. I passed my palm over her hard nipples and felt her nipple bud press against my palm.

I moved my hand over her soft tit and then traced my fingertips at the neckline of her shirt.

Then, I slid my fingers into her cleavage and felt tiny little goosebumps raise there. I traced my fingers there for a while until I slipped them entirely underneath her shirt and let them lightly brush over her nipples. Then, I gave them a light little tug over her shirt, and reached into her shirt again, and felt her hard nipples press to my palms. Then, I tugged them a bit harder. I brought my mouth down and nibbled her nipples lightly through her shirt before taking it off every so slowly. I gazed at her tight, perfect little female form. Then, I pressed her tits to my face, against my cheek, so soft. I pressed my mouth to the sides of them and finally began tugging on her nipples a bit harder.

Again, goosebumps rose on her ribcage, and I ran my lips over that spot. Then, I bit down on that spot, working my way down her waist. I ran my fingernails up her ribcage and kissed down her flat, soft little tummy—what a perfect silhouette of the female form. I kissed near her belly button, and I kissed near her hipbones. Then, I nibbled all over her hipbones. I unbuttoned her shorts and kissed all across her panty line. I moved back up and slid/pressed my knee between her legs. Then, I kissed her harder and more passionate this time. Grabbing hold of her hair and staring her dead in the eyes, I slid my hand over her panties and under her shorts.

I gave her a firm grab and then transitioned into only using my fingertips to caress her.

Just lightly, all the way from her ass cheeks in the back to the top of her panties, I traced and teased my fingers. She squirmed for more pressure. I moved to her feet and slowly tugged down her shorts over her tight curvy thighs and delicate calves. I grabbed her calf and kissed her on the inside of her knee. Then, I kissed all up and down and in between her thighs. Now and then, I stopped to feel my cheek or lips drag against that super soft skin. I kissed up her claves and worshipped her female form. Then I nibbled all over them too. I slowly inched closer and closer to her groin and her panties. It takes time. I promise it is worth the wait!!

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female form