My complete sex marathon was topped off with a rocking orgasm.

After already cumming, she continued with my pleasure for the complete sex marathon. She pulled her fingers out of my pussy to show me how soaked with my cum they were. She began rubbing my clit all over again and I gave her a glare. I knew she loved to toy with me. Then, I wrapped my hands around her throat and kissed her as she straddled me. She rubbed all over my clit with her hand and brought back all the sensitivity. I felt my clit pulsing over and over again. I felt the inside of my pussy squeezing and twitching.

Then, my pussy began to heat up, literally. I felt blood rushing into my lips and clit. We were reaching the end of our complete sex marathon. The throbbing grew more and more prominent as she traced her fingers all around my pussy. Prodding, exploring, and pressing.  Then, she began playing with my nipples again. Teasing them lightly and looking up at me with mischief in her eyes. My nipples were as hard as diamonds and I felt heat creep up my tits and face. I wanted to bite her all over.

I wanted to lick every inch of her skin.

Goosebumps prickled their way up my spine and the deep need for her consumed me.  This complete sex marathon had me out of breath. I sunk my teeth into her tender little shoulder and felt her soft, pillowy, little tits brush right up against my tender aching nipples. Her soft abdomen brushed my abdomen and her tight little thighs entangled with mine while she nestled her face in my neck.  I pulled her hips into mine and grabbed her by the ribs. Then, I gave her ass a crisp little spank.

Finally, she stood up and grabbed my turquoise dildo. A lovely carved turquoise six-inch beauty that I have. The perfect addition to our complete sex marathon. Then, she returned with it in her hand. I tried to conceal my surprise at the amount of attention that she was placed, but my eyebrows rose for sure. She noticed and grabbed the vibrator again. She began to stroke my clit with the vibrator on the low setting again. Then, she lined the dildo up with my tight little pussy hole and held it there with light pressure.

As she teased me with the vibrator and I grew hornier and hornier, the dildo began to sink into my pussy with the light pressure she applied.

Bit by bit, my tight little pussy swallowed the dildo. Then,  I felt my pussy drip with how wet I was. The complete sex marathon was going to exhaust me. I felt exhausted already.  She pulled out the dildo very slowly and then sunk it back in even slower. All the while she had the vibrator set right above my clit.  Then, she increased the pressure of the vibrator and continued the motion of slowly dipping and retracting the dildo in and out of my pussy. She was clearly focusing every ounce of her energy on pleasing me, and I teetered on the edge of cumming again.

I felt her pull the vibrator away and ai gave her a threatening/ questioning glance. She fawned as she turned the vibrator higher and pressed it back to my clit, a little lower this time. The complete sex marathon neared its end. I felt my heart slam and adrenaline pulsed through my body. Nothing existed outside of that moment and what I felt.  She moved the vibrator in light, little, up and down stroking pulses. Then, at the same time, she moved the dildo in and out of me in very slow, deliberate strokes. My clit was hot and twitching.

Then, I felt the desperation rise in my throat.

Sensation prickled up my pussy as I came all over the dildo. As she pulled the dildo out I squirted all over and she did not let up with either tool. I continued to cum for a long time. Afterward, we collapsed in a messy heap of body fluids and sweat. My whole body tingled and I was robbed of every ounce of energy that I had.

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complete sex marathon