“Tie me up, sir! Make me your slave. I will be a good girl, I will not misbehave. I will do as I am told, never to disobey.”

He loves when he controls me, when he makes me his slave. He likes to tighten the collar around my neck a notch or two to remind me who is boss. I am his and no one else’s. He is my Master.  He controls my body and everything I do with it. He determines when I have been a good girl and when I can cum. He likes to punish me and tell me that I have to stop edging when we are playing. He says I cannot have the ultimate orgasm until he says I am allowed to do so.

One time he placed a blindfold over my eyes and wrapped my arms up while he spanked me with a whip. This was because I secretly came without his permission. I could not take it. I was SO horny. I wanted to PLAY and he would not let me. So, I took my dildo, Maverick, and I fucked my little pussy. I was defiant to him and that is forbidden.

Sometimes he has me slide a vibrating bullet in my pussy and go to work. I have to keep it inside of me all day. He tells me when I can and cannot wear underwear. He tells me when I have been a VERY bad girl. When he punishes me, I get a mouth full of COCK. He rams my face until tears are streaming down my cheeks and I am begging for him to stop. But he determines when. He will pinch my nose closed so I will be forced to open my mouth wider. When I do, he penetrates my throat with that rod of his. He can hear me gagging and that alone makes him want to do it more. Over and over, he will ram my throat, sometimes not stopping until I feel his throbbing cock exploding in my mouth. He will hold his cock in my mouth until every drop is released. It is at that moment when he pulls out of me, that I swallow his warm, creamy load…