Oral Sex Stories My Bj’s get Messy!

My Oral sex stories could go on and on. Most girls don’t really care for sucking cock. They do it because they have to, or they do it because they want to be eaten. I love to please, and I have so many oral sex stories that you should be wondering why you aren’t one of them. I suck cock because I love it. Love a man’s eyes on me while I have his dick in my mouth feeling and tasting the way his body responds to my mouth.

Oral sex stories, or THROAT ROMANCES as I like to call them, are usually the start to some of the hottest REAL SEX and Phone Sex experiences I’ve ever had. I love finding out how big you are and finding a rubber duckie that resembles “you” in my toy box. Licking, lapping, slobbering and kissing all over that cock makes me incredibly wet. Listening to how hot you get, as I gag and choke while throating you. Well, that’s an amazing feeling. For you and for me. My sweet little pussy gets so plush and wet when I make love to your cock with my mouth. I love being a SLAVE to my own XXX SEX Stories, don’t you?

I love popping a cock. Never heard of it or had it done?

Give me a call, and I’ll show you how it’s done. I had a wonderful teacher that taught me how to make my oral sex stories HOT sexy and MESSY. No matter the length or thickness of your cock, I love trying to make it FIT. The key to a great Blow job is lubrication and you have the best lubrication right at your fingertips. Just spitting in your hand, or all over a hard dick might look yummy but what you really need is that thick ropey spit that you can get when the back of your throat is played with. All that gooey saliva makes for the perfect throat fucking and I Love playing with all your spunk. Cum is so fucking tasty!


Never experienced a THROAT ROMANCE? Want one of the BEST Blowies you’ll ever get? Curious about getting your cock popped?
Maybe you just want me to tell you about some of my nastiest oral sex stories. Believe me, I have plenty and I love talking about it in great detail. All of my dirty sex stories are hot! It’s always in the details.

Oral Sex Stories at their infinite finest as always!

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