Taste my, ‘Delicious Cum Load’!

It had been a pretty usual night at the bar, mostly locals and regulars. I noticed a slightly older couple sitting at the bar. You could tell they were tourists, my favorite! I overheard the wife saying she wanted to let go, and try something new in the Cresent City! And I couldn’t be more inclined to help. I mixed up my special cocktail and bring them over. “You two sound like you could use my special drink. It’s called, ‘A Delicious Cum Load!” 

Entering the Voodoo Queen’s Eutopia

For now, the husband is slightly suspicious, meanwhile, his wife happily devours hers. “I couldn’t help hear y’all were looking to have some fun. My friends call me the Shadow Queen ordinarily because I can always find a good time in the darkest of places.” Nevertheless, the more his wife drinks, the easier it was to seduce her into the idea of playing in the dark. And the moment he took a sip, I knew they were mine!

So I lead them off into a dark alley a few blocks away from the bar. A small door appears tucked behind a stack of boxes. As we entered my eutopia, we are welcomed by the sight of many muscular, tall black men dressed in traditional voodoo attire. I seductively grin at the sight and then make my way to my throne of skulls. Illustrated, the couple watches as each man began to bow to me while I transformed into who the locals call, Mambo, The Voodoo Queen. 

“Submit to me now!”

Seeing the couple’s demeanor transform from worried to very intrigued makes my pussy especially start to drip. “You will submit to me now!” With a mere wave of my hand, the very toned men began to undress the couple before me. I bite my lip with hunger as I gaze upon my new sex slaves. Slowly I start to run my hand down the wife’s body. Sliding my fingers between her legs, feeling the moisture from her desire to submit. All the while, using my other hand to stroke her husband’s growing cock. 

Subsequently, two of the voodoo men walk over, exposing their massive black cocks to my new sex slaves. Forcing their faces onto them, I watch as they have a cock sucking competition to see who gets to taste their delicious cum load first. Massive cum loads begin to drip from their mouths. Nevertheless, they kiss each other, swapping cum as the men swap partners. One takes the wife on her back and starts to drive his big black cock into her moist pussy. The other mandingo comes up behind her husband and slides his cock into his tight ass. 

Forever be mine!

I lowered myself onto his wife’s face, making her devour her new mistress’s particularly wet cunt. Her enchanted tongue began to flick my aching clit, subsequently making me moan in tongues as her husbands’ tight ass is filled with another delicious cum load. Within seconds her pussy is filled as well. Soon I force her pretty face into her husband’s throbbing ass and watch as she licks the delicious cum load dripping from him. Consequently, he cleans off both mandingos until I tell him to stop. Both slaves crawl to me as I spread my legs wide. Their tongues begin to fight over the pleasure to please their new mistress and be embodied by her essence. I sat back and reviled in the excitement of my new sex slaves!

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