I love textured sex toys!

My biggest turn on is textured sex toys. Often I receive questions about what I am interested in or what I like. I will say that I don’t particularly enjoy sex toys under three inches. Seriously does not do it for me. Although, on the occasion, I do crave the sensation of fingers or similar shape. In this case, as long as the shape resembles fingers, three inches is an acceptable minimum. Do I have a favorite size? Duh! I like a good seven to eight inches in length preferably.  It is true for me that girth outweighs length. I much prefer a nice thick dildo than a long one. Anything under the size of a tampon is unacceptable. How should I feel that? That is not even a sex toy, it is a joke. Burgundy is a great color, but I also love clear, pink, or purple!

Do I have a favorite texture? Absolutely! Sleek. I love glass, ceramic, and stone. Yes, stone. They make quartz and opal dildos amongst others. Metal is great but tends to run a tad cold, but sometimes I crave a fun little temperature change. The important thing to remember is that I like to receive very specific sensory information. I love the idea of something hard, harder than any cock. Something strong and unwavering as it penetrates my tight hole. Something capable of forcing open the tight walls of my pussy! Also, I love the way it feels inside me when I cum on it. When the muscles of my pussy contract over it and make it all slippery. I love that shit. Least favorite texture?  The opposite. I hate the real-feel dildos made out of that flopsy flimsy jelly material.

Like cheap silicone.

They tend to break apart and deteriorate, especially with certain kinds of lube. When I use lube, I use cannabis oil lube. It is fantastic and not sticky. I hate sticky, but can totally get behind slippery. Although, I usually get so wet that using lube is a joke. Slick textures make me so wet. I can also dig a good, sturdy silicone. One that clings to the walls of my pussy as I push and pull creating extra friction. I am all about that friction. It makes me all tingly. Often, I prefer dildos to vibrators. They somehow are naughtier to me. The best combination is a great clit vibrator with a rock hard dildo. A popular favorite is the rabbit vibrator because it penetrates and stimulates the clitoris.

I prefer isolated sensations. A nice Hitachi wand is the best way to go with me. Cordless preferably, for obvious reasons. I love to pull that out and place it on the hood of my clit to work myself up. This is the best way to just get wet enough for a nice big toy.  Currently, my favorite toy is this five-inch ribbed ceramic dildo. It has sort of a tip or is a tad bit cone shaped. Not sharply, the tip is rounded, but it is perfect for stretching out my pussy slowly. I insert the tip first, which is about two fingers in circumference. Then, as I work it in, the remaining four inches are about 4 thick fingers in circumference. It usually takes a while to work it in, but the stretching is half the fun!

Then, I set the wand on the highest setting and wiggle it back and forth over the hood letting it brush over my clit gently.

Once the dildo is all the way in, I slide it in my pussy. Not all the way out, because I don’t want to try and get it back in (at least not with this dildo). So, I pull it as far as I can without it falling out and then all the way back in. Nice long slow strokes so that I can feel it shove open the walls of my pussy inch by inch. Finally, I cum, and I have to increase everything ten-fold. Faster pumps and the added pressure of the wand. I have at least twenty textured sex toys, among all the other crazy toys like paddles. The textured sex toys remain my favorite!

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textured sex toys