Teen Sex – I have a confession. I can’t get enough of perving my next-door neighbor! He doesn’t know I’m watching him. Yet.

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“Damn, where is he?” thought Angel as she looked out her bedroom window for perhaps the tenth time. Every day at about 3:30 pm, her neighbor Mr. Morgan would sit at his desk in his home office.

Every day for weeks, the teen watched him from her bedroom window. Angel was not stupid, she knew what Mr. Morgan was doing as he sat there. However, the angle of her upstairs window did not allow her to see all the way into his office.

She could see his face as he stared intently at the screen of his computer, though she could not see what he was looking at. She could see the motions of his body that told her he was jerking off, but she couldn’t actually see the act itself. Early on, she learned that if she sat by the window while straddling the plush arm of her chair, she could catch tantalizing glimpses of him.

She also discovered that if she scooted forward and back just right, the friction of the chair’s stitching against her young pussy felt amazing.

What followed that discovery was a series of experiments. Now she knew that if she kept her pussy shaved clean, and wore silk rather than cotton panties, the feeling was even better.

So, every afternoon at 3:30, she straddled the chair, grinding her juicy teen cunt back and forth while watching Mr. Morgan through the sheer curtains. His stern look of concentration, as he sat there obviously masturbating in his business attire, kept her super aroused! At his moment of pleasure, when he threw his head back, Angel would orgasm with him. HARD.

She had grown to crave these times, looking forward to getting off each day while she watched him.

Now, for the third day in a row, he was not there. Of course, that meant she just had to find out what was going on. After straightening her demure, yet somehow revealing school uniform and touching up her hair and makeup, she went next door and rang the doorbell. She was nervous, but not because Mr. Morgan was scary. Indeed, she had spoken with him many times, and he was always pleasant and polite.

She was scared because she had NO idea how she was going to ask why he had stopped masturbating. Furthermore, how would she explain how she knew what happened each day at 3:30 pm?

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