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Anyway, Angel had asked Mr. Morgan what she could do to help him out. After all, he sported white plaster casts on both wrists! Alone together, they stood in the doorway of his home office. Being this close to him, his spicy, masculine scent permeated her senses. Unsurprisingly, her teen pussy was throbbing! Do you think he was aware of her reaction to him?

Angel’s obvious fascination with his office setup seemed to spark a thought in Mr. Morgan. “Honestly, if you could type up some E-mails for me, that would help a lot. I need to get some information out and I obviously can’t type like this.”

Hitting her like a ray of light through a fog, Angel realized that accepting Mr. Morgan’s request meant sitting at the same desk where he previously jacked off every afternoon.

Without delay, Angel slipped into the black leather office chair before she realized she’d even said yes. After Mr. Morgan followed her in, he started up the computer. Next, he excused himself to use the restroom, promising to be back before the boot up finished.

Although the screen was fully loaded, Mr. Morgan hadn’t yet returned. As she waited for him to appear, Angel noticed a file in the lower corner of the home screen with her name on it. Of course, she couldn’t resist double-clicking on the folder. In an instant, she saw the folder contained photo files, with a slideshow program at the top. Clicking on the program, she was instantly treated to a slideshow of photographs of a blonde girl touching herself while sunbathing.

Since most of the pictures were close-ups of the girl’s body, Angel noted that this girl wore a bikini just like hers. At that moment, she made two realizations, well, actually three. First, she realized that the girl in the photos was, in fact, her.

Second, she noticed that she was absentmindedly caressing her young, firm breasts as she watched the pictures flash by.

Lastly, she suddenly realized Mr. Morgan had returned!

Peeking up at him, Angel saw that Mr. Morgan was staring not at the computer screen, but at her. Equally mortified and aroused, she immediately dropped her hands from her tingling nipples. Omg. Staring at her, Mr. Morgan sternly said: “You were not supposed to open that file.”

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