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“You had NO business opening that file.” Mr. Morgan repeated. Although he tried to sound stern, he came off as apologetic despite himself. “These are ME, “ Angel stated, and she was suddenly astounded by the fact that each day as she orgasmed looking at Mr. Morgan, he was doing the same looking at her.

Angel squirmed in the chair, suddenly ~very~ aware of her drenched pussy. Would Mr. Morgan guess just how aroused she was?

Indeed, Angel hoped she wasn’t leaving a wet spot on the leather of his chair! It was then that she noticed that the front of Mr. Morgan’s sweatpants was tenting out in a BIG way. Angel fought to act casual, but inside? She felt as though she were about to self-combust. After all, she was sure that he could see that her face was on fire!

Did he realize that her teen cunt was throbbing too?

“So, every day, when you sit in this chair, you are looking at these photos of me. There must be hundreds of them. Did you take them? Are they all of me?” Angel’s questions came rapid fire, and she tried to sound shocked, but couldn’t stop staring at the bulge in Mr. Morgan’s pants that seemed to grow larger every second.

“You haven’t been sitting here because your wrists are hurt, and you can’t masturbate. That means you have been jerking off to me all this time!” she exclaimed and immediately regretted it as he now looked truly mortified.

“No, no, don’t be embarrassed,” she said quickly. Pointing at her bedroom window next door, she blushed again. “Look up there, Mr. Morgan. I cum every day while watching you.”

Angel thought that since she had gone this far with her teen sex revelation, and since she was unbearably horny as fuck, she would go one step further.

“So, Mr. Morgan, are e-mails the ONLY way I can help you?” she purred in her sweet, cotton-candy voice. As Angel hungrily licked her pouty pink lips, she reached out and grabbed his hard-on through his now-straining sweatpants.

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