I was heading to my Mom’s house for the weekend for a nice getaway from school. When I got there and opened the door of my car, the only one excited to see me was Max. I missed him so much but I didn’t see my mom’s car. She must have forgotten I was coming. I walked up to the house and unlocked the door. Teen caught eating dog cum is the last thing my mom thought she would come home to.

My Mom’s house was so big and in the middle of nowhere. I was so excited to be home. I was so ready to put on my tiny bikini and head to the lake outside. As I started to strip down I could see Max just staring at me licking his lips. That dog was so good at licking and teasing my teen pussy.

Teen Caught Eating Dog Cum

I was getting so turned on when Max was staring right at my teen pussy. I said come here, boy. He was so excited he ran right over his tail was wagging so much. I laid back on the couch and spread my legs wide apart. Max knew what to do. He dove his nose right into my teen pussy. His nose felt so good brushing against my clit. I was already so wet thinking about Max’s tongue.

When he started to lick my pussy I arched my back.  Moving my hips into his mouth. His tongue was so long and deep when he pushed in my pussy. Looking at his balls and his little red rocket starting to come out. Getting so ready to tease and play with his red rocket and make it so big. Teen Caught Eating Dog Cum I will get in so much trouble.

Gently I Started To Move My Hands Down His Soft Fur

Slowly I pulled him off me and told him to follow me.  Leading him to the sunroom. I made him lay down on his back. I started to scratch his belly and make him do a cute little bark. Gently I started to move my hands down his soft fur. When my hands landed above his balls I couldn’t help but massage them. I started to watch the red nose pit bull’s little red rocket start to pop out. The more I started to rub the more turned on I was getting. I wanted to taste his sticky yummy cum.

Teen Caught Eating Dog Cum

When his red rocket was all the way out I started to kiss it. Slowly I rolled my tongue around it. Starting to taste his doggie pre-cum and I wanted more of it. Aggressively I started sucking hard and making his red rocket hit the back of my throat. His dick head started to flare like he was going to give me what I wanted all his doggie cum.

Just as Max was blowing his big load my Mom came in the door and saw me dripping in doggie cum. I was caught cum handed!! I am just a dirty slutty teen that just wants everybody’s cum.

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