I was outside like always enjoying the nice warm weather in my string bikini. I was laying there with my shades sipping on my wine cooler. It was quenching my thirst so well. When I happened two looks I saw my new neighbors that moved in next door.  Black Guys Impregnating Slutty Teen Neighbor gets so messy.

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They were both so big and had muscles all over the bodies. They came over in just swim shorts and jumped right into my pool. I stood up and was like what the fuck boys? You didn’t even invite me to swim. They both laughed as they swam over to me now I was kneeling into the water.

Black Guys Impregnating Slutty Teen Neighbor

They were both so hot and I was all alone why not try to see where things go from here. I dropped both my legs into the water as they came closer. I soon found out they were wanting more from this tiny teen. Then, I jumped into the water next to them and started splashing the water all over them.

I didn’t even notice that there was one sneaking up behind me. He wrapped his hands around my arms and pulled them back. This was getting too much when they dragged me out of the pool. The fun was over and now they were going to take what they wanted. They tore off my swimsuit bottoms off and began to start licking my pussy. He started twirling his tongue up and down. Twirling it deep in my tiny teen pussy.

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The one behind me grabbed my thighs and spread them so wide apart. They were getting rougher with me. One in front of me took out his BBC and then slapped my pussy lips with it. I was so turned on I was dripping from my pussy making my pussy lips glisten.  Black Guys Impregnating Slutty Teen Neighbor with all their cum.

He then started teasing my pussy lips with his cock. Rubbing his thick BBC back and forth on my clit. I was so turned on I was getting Goosebumps now. I started to beg him to fuck me hard and rough. He then pulled back and drove his cock so deep into my pussy. He kept going making it more intense with each thrust. I could see my belly start to pop up from how deep this BBC was going.

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By now I knew what these black guys were wanting they came over to fill me with their seed. They were on a mission to impregnate me. The more they pushed deep in me, the more I tried to resist him. I could feel his cock so deep starting to pulsate deep in my teen pussy. His BBC flared and he came so much in my tiny teen pussy.

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