I Loved  Teasing  My  Stepdad

Last week my stepdad walked in on me having sex with my boyfriend. I thought he’d be out a few more hours and I was fucking my boyfriend on the sofa .I was riding his cock hard and in walks my stepdad seeing me bouncing up and down on his dick, tits jiggling. I was shocked and so was he, he turned around and left the room and we quickly stopped and my boyfriend left and I was a bit embarrassed. Then I started to think maybe the old boy liked it. And I decided to tease him by having him catch me in some rather awkward situations to get him going.Teasing him turned me on

A Little Bit Of Teasing Drives Him Wild

The next night I left my door open as I masturbated. He walked by on the way to the bathroom. And I know he was dying to look in and see me laying there since I know he could hear me moaning and groaning away. But he stoically walked past the door and didn’t look in. He looked like a zombie with his gaze fixed directly ahead, cheeks blazing as he did. I couldn’t help but laugh at him . He fought so hard not to look in.Teasing him was going to be fun.

The next day I think I’d gotten to him, since I heard him masturbating in his room. And I walked past the door and it was open a crack and I saw him pumping his dick. And I decided to be naughty and push the door open so he’d see me watching him. He looked up and saw me and didn’t stop pumping his dick. I flashed him my tits, teasing him as he was jerking off. And I saw his load of cum shoot out of his dick, no words were exchanged. I just walked away when he came, him sitting there on the edge of the bed with a handful of cum. I was being such a slut.

dana tease

This seemed to have become a case of masturbation one upmanship and I was determined to win. I was serving dinner and wasn’t wearing a bra and a very low cut loose top and when I put his plate in front of him. He had a clear view right down to my navel of everything and I could see the tent pitching in his pants. As I laid his plate out before him. We all ate our dinner chit chatting away about all kinds of things. And he had his eyes glued to my breasts for half the meal.

I Teased Him All The Time

I decided to be really naughty and dropped my fork on purpose during the meal. And went under the table after it. And I reached my hand up between his thighs and squeezed his crotch. I smiled thinking I bet his eyes were nearly bugging out of his head at my doing that. The others at the table were clueless as to what was going on of course. But this teasing of poor stepdad was amusing to me to say the very least. I came back up and looked him right in the eye. Nothing was said. This should turn out to be amusing.I love to masturbate and eventually it got me in trouble with my stepdad. Call me and let me tell you all the details!

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