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I was thinking about a long ago summer recently, a summer when some cousins came to stay with us for a few weeks when their parents went away for a  month. My female cousin was a couple of years younger than me and stayed in my room, I had twin beds and frequent sleep overs so it was no problem her bunking in with me. One night I was so horny after reading sex stories and she was asleep.And I decided to just go ahead and masturbate as quietly as I could so she wouldn’t wake up.I had a habit of rubbing my pussy

I guess I wasn’t as quiet as I thought I was, since the next day she asked me what I’d been doing the night before. I thought I’d been quiet enough, but apparently not. I tried to brush it off, but she kept pushing it. So I told her I’d been rubbing my pussy and she asked why I’d do that and I said because it feels good and she asked if I’d teach her how to rub her pussy so she’d be able to feel good too. I was a bit taken aback by her asking, but why not, I could teach her how good rubbing felt.

Teaching How to masturbate Is So Hot!

That night she asked if she could watch me touch myself. And then she’d try too. I said ok and I spread my legs and showed her my clit . I got a bit of lube on my finger and said that’s where you rub. It feels really good, here’s some lube, you try on your pussy. She spread her legs and put her fingers on her clit and started to mimic the little tiny circles on her clit .And she said yes, it felt good and I began to rub my pussy again and we were both rubbing at the same time.

I said teaching her to masturbate was my good deed for the week .And she said she heard me cry out at the end last night and why, I said if you keep rubbing it you have an orgasm and it is the best feeling of all. And so she kept rubbing her pussy and after watching me have an orgasm, with some patience, she had one as well.

masturbate together

She couldn’t believe she hadn’t discovered this before on her own, but she was glad I’d showed her. She thanked me for teaching her how to rub her pussy. From that night on we masturbated in the same room each and every night until she left.  It was so hot, it didn’t take her long to catch on, and she was soon having multiple orgasms. I said if you just wait a few minutes after the first one and catch your breath, you can be ready to go again and have orgasm after orgasm and we tried a few nights to see which one of us could have the most, it was fun. I’d turned her into a masturbating fiend and it was fun teaching her that! I still think about that naughty summer when I masturbate sometimes, maybe one day we will get to do it again together.

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