The best way to get a little slave is to start teasing nerds.

My bestie and I have been teasing nerds since the fifth grade. We have learned that this is the absolute best route to getting whatever we want, without lifting a finger! We find ourselves a tender little nerd, and we slowly gain control over his mind until there is nothing left but servitude to us! It’s a scenario that we can’t really lose. So, the victim is trapped in our embrace forever if they want to survive high school. We set obvious examples of the people who are on our shit list.

We basically ruin their lives. All it takes is a seed of gossip, a couple of mean glares, a group of people laughing and staring at you, and you have no idea whether or not they are talking about you… In this case, they were. Many labeled us bitchy for teasing nerds, but everyone wished they possessed our power. We were at the top of the food chain, and it is a lot of pressure to be at the top of the food chain, but the power feels so good. Invincibility. Influence.  Even a little bit of sadism.

Was I a bully?

Not outright. I was very skilled at being two-faced and teasing nerds. Subtlety and playing coy was the way to go. I was always nice to someone’s face, and if they had a problem with me, that could always be fixed with a heavy dose of manipulation and gaslighting.  All the male teachers loved me, and the only female teachers that didn’t like me were jealous. So, I never got in trouble for anything. My bestie and I had already slowly gained control of this nerd that I was forced to do a project with.

Needless to say, he did all the work. We invited him over again after my bestie teased the daylights out of him the first interaction. This time, we had just gone shopping. We invited him to drive us around and carry our bags. His left arm was for Brit’s clothes, and his right arm was for mine. We were so well-versed in teasing nerds. Brit and I were dressing in one of the changing rooms, and he waited patiently outside. Brit said, “I can’t tell if I should go with the black one or the pink one, ugh!” To which I said, “hmm, I dunno…” She looked hot in both, obviously.

I popped open the door and grabbed the nerd by his collar.

I quickly yanked him into the dressing room, “Get in perv,” His eyes bulged, and Brit just giggled, “Dude, when are you gonna just like, chill out?” Brit showed him the two outfits while I just stood in my bright pink bra and panties. As if teasing nerds wasn’t easy enough. He said the pink one. Brit said, “Mmmm. I think Imma go with the black one, but you can try the pink one on since you like it so much.” He just about choked. Then, she picked it up and handed it to him, “Go on, perv.” Then it fell silent. Brit and I were good at that.

Making other people feel deeply uncomfortable with our silence, teasing nerds, and staring contests. He took it and began to slip it on. I stopped him, “What do you think you are doing?” Then I gestured to his clothes, “You’re not going to fit that with all these on; take them off.” And so he stripped. Right then and there. His face looked so red. Then I looked down, “Oh my god, Ewww. Brit, perv boy’s got an erection!” She looked down and squealed. She covered her mouth and pointed, and I pulled out my phone, taking a picture of the bulge beneath the tight pink dress.

He turned around and tried to undress.

Hands shaking, he looked like he might cry. I peeked over, and his cock was still hard, though! Oh, how I love teasing nerds! Then, before he got his pants back on, I took one of my pink manicured fingers and touched it lightly. He froze again. I said, “Ya know, loser, you are going to have to get this little…crush of yours under control. Can’t have you popping a boner every time we hang out.” Brit just giggled. He nodded desperately.

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