Have you ever dreamed of being double dommed by two hot girls?

Does being double dommed scare you? It should! My bestie and I are a force to be reckoned with, and if you fuck with us, we will bring you to your knees! Nothing teaches a man more humility than desperately wanting to impress two hot girls! We don’t even have to seek out a little nerd. All we have to do is be nice to some poor little loser, and he will follow us around like a puppy dog. Actually, you don’t even have to be all that nice; you can look in their direction for long enough, and hope will spark in their tender little heart.

So pathetic. There was this nerd in our school. So quiet, so shy. So meek. He would go to school and do school, then go home and do homework. That was his life. No parties. No social events. Just like his parents and teachers and shit. Such a goody two shoes. I never drank and never smoked weed. His lame ass was about to get double dommed by two of the hottest girls at school. It started with my physics class. We had some catapult project that was so not my thing. Our physics teacher picked our partners for us, lame.

And, she put me with the nerdiest little try-hard kid in class, probably to fuck with me.

Evil bitch was trying to punish me, but that backfired. I figured I could make him do all the work. And, he did. After we double dommed him, he would do whatever we said. Now, we had this dumb rating system put in place to rate your partners on how much work they put in to make sure that no one slacked on group projects. So, that was an issue. But, I knew that I could get him to give me a good rating anyway. I could get him to do way more than that. As we all got up to sit next to our partner, I plopped right down next to him, and he looked like he was already choking.

Then, I asked him for his phone number, and he gave it to me, trying not to stutter. He then watched me take a selfie and send it to him, along with my address. I told him to meet me after school Thursday night. He wasn’t double dommed in the traditional sense. My friend Brit was chilling on my bed. We just came back from cheer, and he was early, of course. I let him in and told him that we were upstairs. He sat on our floor, clearly afraid to sit next to Brit, who was lying diagonally across my bed painting her nails.

He opened the book and tried talking physics to us.

Brit and I just glanced at each other. I lit a joint and passed it to Brit. Then Brit offered it to him. He just stumbled, and she teased him for never having smoked before. He took it. Then, he drew in a baby puff and coughed his lungs out. Brit and I just giggled. He tried talking physics again. I told him I had an idea. “How about you do this at home, and we can just like, hang out instead.” He laughed awkwardly and gave me a choked, “Ok.” I told him, “But, you have to give me a good rating on that dumb partner rating thing.

If you don’t, we will never hang out with you again, and you will be blacklisted from all the parties.” He nodded enthusiastically. I told him, “You know, you’re pretty cute.” Brit ran her hands through his hair, “He is pretty cute, isn’t he? Why don’t you wear your hair like this? Much cuter.” I slid my top off and unhooked my bra. He froze. “Omigawd, chill, dude. Like you’ve never seen a naked girl before,” I said teasingly. I slid my pink little pj blouse on. Then I slid off my cheer skirt and slid on some pink booty shorts.

Brit said, “Oo! Can I borrow some?”

I tossed her a matching baby blue pair. Brit said, “Hmph, my nails are drying. Hey loser, come help me.” She gestured for him to undress her, and he did, desperately trying to stare at the floor. She impatiently pointed at her clothes, and he began to dress her, stumbling over himself the whole way. His hands shook. I said, “Ya know, I think we are gonna make you our new best friend, but you gotta be cool. You have to like, be down to do like, whatever.” He nodded all wide-eyed. Thus, the start of a very fruitful relationship.

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