I held a fun little sissy slave initiation.

My bestie and I were the only ones that knew it was a sissy slave initiation. Even our sweet little nerd victim didn’t know. He thought that he was attending a fun little cool party. Not! He was coming to a sexy slumber party with all of my friends and me. My other friends were a bit bitchier than me; they were not too happy about him coming, but I’m a queen bee, so they had to shut the fuck up and deal. My bestie didn’t care, and she knew that we could benefit from having him as our slave, so no one dared speak a word against me.

There were five girls in attendance, and my little sissy slave made six of us. He came over, and I told him to bring PJs, knowing he would dress normal, like a loser. My bestie and I have already dressed in these sexy little silk two pieces. Mine was red, and hers was black. The nerd came over in his lame little t-shirt and jeans with a big hoodie. Time for his sissy slave initiation. I informed him that I thought it was really lame that he didn’t wear PJs and that if he was going to stick around, he had to put on a pair of mine.

I showed him two pairs.

One was a pink tank top and PJ pants set with white hearts all over, and the other was a hot pink silky little two-piece like the ones my friend and I wore. He, of course, chose the less revealing one. His sissy slave initiation had only just begun. He put it on, and we could already see his silly little meat stick just hanging there in those snug, thin little PJ pants! Every time he got up to walk, it was just hilarious! My friends started to arrive. Each new introduction was great.

He had to sit through their reaction of shock and then tease each time a girl arrived. Then, he started to notice… It was a sissy slave initiation. He asked me where all the guys were, and I responded with, “what guys?” Then, he noted that there were all girls, and I said, “Yeah, duh, it’s a slumber party.” He started to grow nervous, and I lapped it up! My bestie was loving his discomfort too. Purposefully dropping things and then shouting in an irresistible voice, “Hey Loooser, come pick this up for me, won’t you?”

Even though she was standing right next to it.

He would rush over and do as he was told every time, turning red in the face. This last time she gave him a little kiss on the cheek as a reward, and he just about died—a good test for his sissy slave initiation. Then, the girls started getting antsy and passive-aggressively challenged me. One of them said, “Wow, you really seem to have him whipped, don’t you? He’s like your little bitch, following at your heels like a little puppy dog… Hey puppy dog, bark!” He just looked at me and waited for my command. We already had him so well trained!

My bestie Britt said, ” You can’t just tell him what to do like that.” Then, she coddled his face into her perky little tits. Stroking his head, she said, “you’re our little pet, aren’t you?” Then, he mumbled an affirming response that I did not deem good enough for his sissy slave initiation.  So, I approached him. I knelt to him as he sat on the floor, very aware that he could see down my shirt. Then, I tilted his chin up to make his eyes meet mine.

I stared into the depths of his soul and made sure that my eyes delivered him a cold stab of intimacy that he could not escape from.

“You would do whatever we said, wouldn’t you? Go on then, bark. For me, bark… my little bitch.” My stare turned threatening and venomous to ensure he would not betray me. He knew there would be hell to pay. I watched him choke down his masculine pride and, woof woof, he was my little bitch.

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sissy slave initiation