Teacher sex stories & dirty confessions
I have told you a few of my teacher sex stories but I want to share my days as a sex ed teacher. As you’ll see it didn’t last long but I enjoyed it while it lasted. They didn’t take to well to me fucking my students after school. I hated those boring old videos and teaching kids how to put a condom on a banana. How are you really going to learn anything by putting a condom on a banana? Thats why I had my own methods I showed certain kids after school. Of course the school board found this method of teaching to be unacceptable which is why I’m no longer a sex ed teacher. Johnny a student I heard all the girls talk about was my first. He was known for having the biggest cock in the highschool and a virgin girlfriend.

He was an easy target a horny highschooler with a girlfriend that was making him wait but boys hate waiting. When Johnny wouldn’t participate in putting a condom on a banana I took advantage of making him stay after school. I had Johnny pull down his pants after I explained I was going to flunk him and cost him football scholarship if he didn’t. After he pulled them down, I handed him a condom and asked him to show me how to put it on. “Silly boy you’ll never get it on while your soft” I told him. “Let me help” I say as I drop to my knees. I know how to get a man hard using every part of my body. Using my hand alone I was able to get Johnny’s cock to instantly stand straight up.

We didn’t make it to putting a condom on because I got carried away playing with Johnny. I did teach him a thing or two about masturbation before putting his cock into my mouth. My cock sucking skills are something I like to show off. I didn’t fuck Johnny that day but there is more to this story. Can’t get enough of teacher sex stories? Read my others. Looking for a teacher/student role play or teen sex give me ring on phone sex line.

Kinky Kelsey