Taste me.  Sometimes remembering childhood games makes us think of ways to bring back that thrill of old.  We try to “reinvent” that feeling of jubilation; make it into something…much more adult….and in doing so, make it MORE FUN! So for me, it’s that “Scratch & Sniff” card game. Trying to figure out the smell and often it was so delicious, you just wanted to “taste” it.  So, as an adult with overly sexual inclinations, I came up with a new game and I call it, “Scratch, Sniff & TASTE!” Will it be cookies, or pussies, dicks, or carrot sticks? Cum, or cream? Wouldn’t YOU love to know?

I have many boyfriends, as we all know. And having to stagger them throughout my we

I have many boyfriends, as we all know. And having to stagger them throughout my week became difficult. Until…I just broke down and told them ALL about each other. To my great surprise, they were all cool with it. And by cool, I mean stiff-dick CITY!  For some reason, knowing that I was fucking them all, turned them cumpletely OUT! And they

ALL love a good game of Scratch, Sniff, And Taste, so you KNOW I’m on board!

How it all began was one night when my men where all gather around me, one of them decided to blindfold me and they all came up with the concept of me needing to be able to scratch, sniff, taste and describe what I was being fed…First up? Easy one! The delicious taste of the skin from the underside of the elbow to just below the armpit. Winner. Next up, the unmistakable smell of COCK! Ding-ding-ding!

On game night, my men would gather ’round,  with me ALWAYS blindfolded and nude in the center of the floor, seated, Indian style and quivering with anticipation. A pool of natural lube sliding from between my thighs and down onto the floor beneath me. The quivering became a full-blown shiver and someone put a baby-soft blanket over my shoulders. It would not remain there.

I had young dick, old dick, smooth dick, dick covered in thick veins and all things anal; covered in everything from jam to champagne and the guessing/laughter went on long into the night. Well, that and the fucking. I love men and EVERYTHING sexual having to do with them. So, licking, sniffing, tasting, sucking and drinking of them was second nature for me.

Can you even fathom the skill it takes to have cock down your throat, slurping up different flavors, knowing that the gobbling is causing multiple spasms in my men?

Heaven, I tell you! So, I enjoy our game nights and am never disappointed by the men in my life. They ALWAYS try so hard and never settle for simply pleasing me.

Want to find out what I do that makes them so loyal to my pussy? You can always hang with me and I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Guess I’m just a sweet little thing…Sometimes! Call me. You’ll never regret it.  Well, time to start my new gig as the Bondage Bounty Hunter.  What? A girl’s gotta keep the eXXXcitement alive, right? Giggle

I’m as FILTHY as they CUM


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