As your sensual domination Mistress, I like to have a little fun during our sessions. Of course, this fun is gained at your expense. When you are calling your mistress for humiliation phone sex, prepare yourself for the Submissive Male Humiliation Games. Now, the extent of my submissive male humiliation games will depend upon my mood and your willingness to make Mistress happy. However, I would hope that any good submissive of mine would be willing to go to great lengths to please his Mistress. First of all, entertaining me will be your assignment today, subby. You and I will soon be having a great time as soon as the submissive male humiliation games begin!


Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping!

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Submissive Male Humiliation Games: Round One

First, before we begin our submissive male humiliation games, you will be receiving a much-needed makeover. We will begin our shopping spree at your local beauty supply store, like Sephora. Finding the first beauty consultant, you will then inform her of our plans. It is extremely important that we choose and select only the best skincare and makeup for you. You have been looking forward to this day for quite some time now!

Thankfully, you have been preparing yourself for our shopping spree and already have an idea of the color palette that you would like to go with. The various shades of pinks will look absolutely fabulous on you! I especially love the slutty hot pink lip gloss that you chose. Those pouty lips will look amazing wrapped around the huge cock that you will be sucking for me later. Don’t worry doll, we will get to that in just a bit.


Pegging My Sissy Crossdresser In The Dressing Room

Read Pegging My Sissy Crossdresser


Submissive Male Humiliation Games: Round Two

Having your makeup professionally applied is only Round One of our Submissive Male Humiliation Games. In our next round, we will be visiting a high-end lingerie boutique. This little shop and I have a little bit of a naughty history together. You see, this is where I pegged my sissy crossdresser in the dressing room! I feel as though it is extremely important that we are accentuating your new makeup with sexy, feminine lingerie. Walking into the boutique, you already feel gorgeous. Searching through the boutique, you find the hottest sale associate and you inform her of your task. Finally, after finding only the cutest lingerie sets that the boutique has to offer, you will try on each and every outfit for me.

Submissive Male Humiliation Games


By now, you are fully aware of my love of sexy lingerie. Decking you out in the finest nylon stockings, luxurious garters, satin camis, lace panties, and sensual corsets will be such a fun treat for your Mistress. Don’t you worry, love. I will be with you every step of the way. Helping you to decide which outfits look best and accentuate your physique.

I can just see you now! Trying on each piece of lingerie and modeling it for me and our new friend, the boutique sales associate. However, if for some reason, we are in need of multiple opinions. Calling up a girlfriend or one of my phone sex girls at Phone Sex Kingdom to ask for their input can easily be done. Before you know it, you are putting on your own fashion show for us!


Submissive Male Humiliation Games: Round Three

Sex Toy Shopping With Your Mistress!

After dressing you up in the sexiest lingerie that we can find, it is time for you to show off your new look! Therefore, hitting up the local sex toy store will be Round Three of our submissive male humiliation games. Imagine walking into the sex toy shop while all dolled up wearing your new lingerie and makeup. All eyes are on you as we are shopping for the perfect chastity device for your clitty.

You are soaking up all of this attention, aren’t you? Honestly, I do not blame you one bit. You look fucking amazing! This is exactly why it is so important that your Mistress locks up that pretty little clitty before you get too excited. Any good male submissive knows that his Mistress owns every bit of him. Controlling your sexual urges is one of my favorite mind-fuck techniques. Which would make total sense since I fucking love Cock Training Phone Sex!


Submissive Male Humiliation Games: Round Four

Glory Hole Fun!

Of course, your Mistress has done her homework. There is a reason that I have sent you to this particular sex toy store. After hours of researching, I was able to find out that this sex shop has a secret gem hiding in the back. Finding your way to the back of the shop you are reminiscent of a dog in heat, sniffing out your mate.

After arriving in the back room, you notice that your heart is racing. Sucking cock for Mistress has always been a dream for you! Having been such an amazing boy toy, it brings me great pleasure to announce this special treat that I have been preparing for you. Round Four of our submissive male humiliation games includes you sucking gorgeous cocks for me.


Submissive Male Humiliation Games: Round Five

Asserting My Dominance With Submissive Male Humiliation Games

Lastly, we have Round Five of our submissive male humiliation games. This final round is a culmination of the previous rounds, with a twist. Asserting my dominance by testing your commitment and pushing you to your limits is key. However, this round will depend upon, well, my mood. Will I humiliate you by forcing you to entertain my friends and I on Skype with an original song and dance? Are we going to get wet and messy by sploshing food and/or paint on those new outfits? Maybe we will play a fun game of strip poker? Surely you haven’t forgotten that this seductive tease ALWAYS gets what she wants!