Wet and Messy Sploshing is a fetish phone sex experience that not a lot of my clients have encountered. The name in itself may seem very puzzling. However, allow me to break it into easy terms for you. Sploshing, also known as WAM ( wet and messy ) consist of one person being sploshed by foods of various textures and temperatures for sexual satisfaction. Sometimes this can be just purely for the way someone may look in these instances. Whether clothed or nude, the sploshed will make one hard with her messy covered body. However, for others, it can be for the sounds that come from being sploshed. Likewise, the way that the sploshed eats her own messiness from her body can be such a turn on as well.

The Sight Of Wet and Messy Sploshing

First, let’s talk about how attractive it would be to watch all this Wet and Messy Sploshing go down. First I will direct your visualization to my tight perfect body wearing nothing but a tight white dress and red thong panty. It is just me walking barefoot in a blank space. In this space is a table with a simple aluminum pie tin setting upon it. As I walk over to this pie tin you will see that it is full of a nice thick vanilla colored banana cream pie. On top of that is overflowing mounds of cold whip cream. I take one finger and push it into the pie, scooping it contents toward my lips. Swooping into my mouth you watch as it dribbles down my sexy lips. Likewise, this falls down onto my flawless white dress.

Of course, it will be hard for you not to stiffen up just watching that small little bit. However, just then I pick up the tin in my hand and squish it against the front of my dress pulling is down the front of myself. Then, I raise it over my perfect brunette locks and run the cream pie over my own face. The thick pie begins to soak into my white dress making it nice and moist. Although that fabric begins to also be very see-through, it is the look of me covered in that sticky ooey gooey mess that is turning you on. After all, it is very hot.

Wet and Messy Sploshing A Sexual Appeal Of Sound

Now let us take a look at the appeal behind the wet and messy sploshing sound effects. Sploshing tends to have a very autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR on the human body. This sensation can bring your body to have goosebumps as it is tingling up to the very edge of climax. Some may find these small noises that accompany sploshing to just simply run from their head down through their spine and to their very toes. However, for those truly into the sound of sploshing, the reaction to their penis can be quiet magnetizing.


Wet And Messy Sploshing


For this reason, when a splosher such as myself spreads herself in that thick banana cream pie you will get a hard-on. Listen to the noise that cream pie makes as it slides all over my barely clothed body. The faint squishy sensation will bring your cock to a stiff stand still. Although, you may find the cream pie noise to mimic that of a hard woody penetrating my very wet puss.

Eat Your Mess

However, those are not the only two senses that stand on edge when it comes to wet and messy sploshing. After all, you still may have the urge to watch me eat up the mess I made. Or perhaps you would love to clean up your own mess. Truly it is easy to envision your tongue all over my body without a mess in the way. However, enjoying the taste of food as you lick yourself across my various curves sounds so appealing. Wet and messy I am as you pull me close to your mouth. Open wide and experience the pleasure of me jerking your cock with my banana cream pie-covered hand. Can you feel how hard my nipples are through that white cotton dress as the cream pie cools and stiffens them nice and hard?


After all, we both know that you are about as hard as these perfect perky nipples are. There is no limit to the things that we can splosh with. Find yourself in this intense pleasure zone and explore this wet and messy fetish with me. Are you prepared for this fetish phone sex sploshing challenge? Can you imagine the fun that we could have when we incorporate Wet and Messy Sploshing into your Instructional JOI phone sex session?


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