Instructional JOI, also known as jerk off instructions is the type of experience that every man should take part in at least once in his life. After all, what man would not want to feel this intense pleasure? There are many types of JOI. My favorites are sensual edging, situational roleplay JOI, and challenge JOI. Each of these instructional JOI types is fun and allows for the masturbator to experience the most form of his own intense ecstasy. Although, it may not be every man’s cup of tea. It is easy to say that this instructive form of masturbation can be altered to fit many different types of moods.

Sensual Instructional JOI With Edging

Sensual domination has a very appealing edge when it comes to instructional JOI. Surely you can picture yourself relaxed in bed dialing up your favorite phone sex operator eager to hear her voice on the other side of the phone. However, instead of moaning and groaning, I am going to instruct you just how I want you to jerk your cock for me. How hard, how fast, where, and why it turns me on when you stroke it for me. Although this does not seem like such a far stretch I need you to take one thing into consideration. Truly I will enjoy telling you just how to whack your winky for me! 

After all, it really does make me wet knowing you are touching yourself for me. However, I also hold the power to tell you when to stop stroking yourself. You have to listen to the command of my powerful sensual voice as well. That is the deal. I decide when you have edged yourself enough. I decide when those balls are just aching so hard that they can barely hold your load in any longer. Then, and only when I say so are you allowed to climax. That way, when you cum, it will be harder than you could have ever imagined.


Instructional JOI


Situational Roleplay With An Instructional JOI Twist

Now, when it comes to situational roleplay things can get a little kinkier. There are multiple situations a man can find himself in, to which he is forced to masturbate. However, I am going to allow you to know one of my favorites. I am a sexy therapist and you are my horny hypnotized client, laying on my couch, only ready for a session with your trusted Doctor. Surely, the taboo in itself has already piqued your interest. After all, how many times have you wondered yourself if a therapist would be willing to take advantage of you while you were in your most vulnerable state with them?

Finally, you can play out this instructional JOI fantasy with your favorite sensual domination phone sex therapist right on the other side to lend you a hand. Especially since I know how often you stroke that cock to my Pantyhose Domination Stories. Tell me about your sexual frustrations while you allow me to penetrate your mind. Become hypnotized by the sound of my erotic voice telling you to relax and give over control to me. After all, it is what you crave. It is only in this mind slave state that you will, without hesitation allow me to take advantage of you. 

Challenge Instructional JOI

This type of instructional JOI will allow you to become submerged in masturbation competition mode. There are several ways that we can go about playing with this fun way of stroking yourself with me. One of those ways is by a game, whoever pops first. Imagine it, you tell me how to pet my perfect pussy while instructing you how to stroke yourself for me. However, whoever pops first loses. Perhaps your reward will be that sweet satisfaction that you made my fingers gooey before you could reach your own climax. However, I know how long I can last and the power my voice holds over your weak boner. Do you think you could handle that?


Another is to one of my favorite masturbatory games. Cock Hero. Do you think you have what it takes to last till the end of one of those arousing porn videos with me? Perhaps you are even strong enough to make it through two or more. You pick the video, or I will share one of them with you. However, be prepared to take on the cock hero master.


Whichever way you prefer your instructional JOI there is something that you and this sensual domination phone sex babe can find fun in. Pick your poison, whether you are a novice or a master. I am up for the jerk-off instruction challenge with you.

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