Imagine reading pantyhose domination stories written by your favorite sensual domination girl when you become trapped in your newest addiction. Honestly, I am sure you think this sounds so far-fetched. However, that became the case as one of my clients came to the decision that he was ready to dive deep into my world of sensual femdom. Although, his and my intentions started innocently enough. In fact, it all started with an email, thanking him for his call. Our interaction starting off as a getting to know you type of conversation eventually evolving into me sharing links of content that I thought he would find interesting.

Then, after reading the story and, absorbing its words, and letting me know that he was really piqued by how the story made him feel. He stated that as he read the words of what I was doing to the participant in the blog things began to spark inside of him. After all, that is the true intention of any of the stories that I create. However, he said he had never felt so intensely about fetishism until he read what I had to say on this particular topic. Of course, this turned into a phone sex hotline call, that began very slow and wound up creating a deep sensual hold between me, his Misstress, and him, my submissive slave.

Femdom Sessions Do Not Mean You Are An Inferior Male

He was nervous once placing his call and his nervousness grew as the action began. Although, I am used to the kind of reaction from clients new to Femdom. After all, it can be a very intense feeling admitting that you want to be dominated by women. The vulnerability attached to letting your guard down in the moment can be a hard thing to do. This is why this Pantyhose Confession Goddess is ecstatic when you open yourself up to me.


Imagine wanting to give over your own power to someone so superior. Does this call into question your own masculinity? Does this make you an inferior male?


Sure, in some cases the males are referred to as a beta male or even a zeta for the lowest of lows. However, there is a power that comes from allowing your weaker side to come out and exploring something that may make you feel slightly uncomfortable. After all, superior males in their day-to-day life are far more likely to need a proper place for submission. Remember in the BDSM community the power is held by the submissive. Truly, you draw your own limits. However, the dominant has a great responsibility to make sure that you are fully secure in your feelings and the process itself.


Pantyhose Domination Stories


Start Simple With Pantyhose Domination Stories

As mentioned, this particular client started his sensual domination journey simply by reading the pantyhose domination stories that I shared with him. When there are so many topics and subgroups in the world of femdom, that is a very helpful aspect to learning what makes your ticker tock. Then, after finding the particular niche he found his love of pantyhose play and wanted to explore further. Finally, booking his session and getting me on the line so we could start. His nervousness aside I started with a simple pantyhose JOI session. Also known as jack-off instructions.


Instructing him to close his eyes and grab hold of his cock. I began to describe the appearance of my perfect body. After all, I would be wearing nothing but opaque control top pantyhose against my skin. No clothing, no top, no other undergarments, just these. As I described the way the microfiber fabric felt against my skin. And the tightness of it as it held against my legs; I could hear his breathing intensify on the other side of the phone.

Pantyhose Jerk Off

Then, I began to tell him how they felt as I removed them from my legs. His whimpers grew audibly louder. I asked him to picture the feeling that warm fabric gave him as I slipped the foot over his pecker. Just then I began to stroke. With another portion, I tied off a type of cock ring device on his balls; taking control of his dick.


Reminding him of how good they feel on my own skin. Also reminding him how good the pantyhose domination stories make him feel; informing him this is just the start. Knowing well this is the journey he truly needs I push his boundaries just a little further. After all, staying in one place is just not enough fun for a man looking to explore FemDom. Above all things, he absolutely must be wearing my pantyhose. He needed to feel for himself the amazing feeling of having that fabric pressed tightly against his meat and eggs.


Suddenly, he exploded. Thanking me for my time and assuring me that on our next session he will be wearing those pantyhose.

Sweet Phone Sex